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CZERNOBYL10[PL] 14 лип 2019 о 3:41 
Nowe zaproszenie po odzyskaniu skradzionego hasła:NATO:
tactic$ 2 тра 2016 о 17:37 
A friend and I are playing RS3: Athena Sword through Tunngle right now if you want to join us. To play with us, first install Tunngle, then find the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield Network in Tungle's Network explorer. My name is jobWellDone on Tunngle.
Stormanxdr Торгівлю заблоковано 30 кві 2016 о 19:46 
hey add me if wana play Athena sword
71st_AH_Duff-Man 10 лис 2015 о 22:52 
sounds sweet looking forward to Ace3
Phantom Six 10 лис 2015 о 22:30 
seeing more releases for CUP units and the such. Soon, but not yet. I'll eventually make some conversions of inspired by missions.
71st_AH_Duff-Man 10 лис 2015 о 20:46 
Stated playing your coop back in arma 2 well done. would be cool to see Black Mountain Crisis for arma 3, that coop was the ♥♥♥♥.