UGC S6-S8: Clan McCart (Steel, Silver)
UGC S9: Kimberlite Council (Platinum)
UGC S10: Asylum 9 (Platinum)
UGC S11: Apocalypse Gaming HL (3rd place Platinum)
UGC S12: The Electric Temptations (Platinum)
UGC S13: The Electric Temptations (2nd place Platinum)
UGC S14: The Electric Temptations
UGC S15: The Hateful 8 + Decimate (3rd Place Platinum)
ETF2L S6: The Electric Temptations (Prem)
TFTV Highlander Invitational: 2nd Place

ESEA-O S14: Hopscotch Toss
ESEA-IM S15: Subspace Emissaries (8th place)
ESEA-IM S16: Subspace Emissaries (8th place)
ESEA-IM S17: Subspace Emissaries (8th place)
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phaze it's ME. im BACK on the steam client for a limited time
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Merry Christmas!!! :guardian:
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Merry Christmas!!!
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