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Steve Tan   California, United States
500 pistettä
:woodleface: CS old fan, playing CSGO on Mac for fun, yeah, such lag
:blueprint: Collecting too some lovely skins just for fun
:stop: I don't do the common trade, comment before you add
I don't add people who have poor/non-fancy profile
:root: IT expert here, don't waste your time scammer
PeAnut bUtTer 4.2. kello 3.44 
hello could you meybe give some free skins i had half of mine scamed XD
Atr0ci0uS 2.2. kello 5.42 
added about your M4A4 radiation, would like to craft a X4 crown one...
☣ ANUBIS 23.1. kello 22.44 
donate me bayonet please thats all i want thanks ^_^
viris_shaurma_geo csgo.net 4.1. kello 7.33 
pls give me bayonet pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
tsiska💚💛 16.12.2018 kello 5.48 
add me i have an offer for you
SolEk | 中国球员。 18.11.2018 kello 5.06 
added me i want to buy