Pussi, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia
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Blitzed on a polydrug mix of K-nova, synthetic serotonin, and female orgasm analogs, you have just iced three Turing cops with a highly cinematic 9mm
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『       アドバイスを求めて1800コカインに電話してもらう         』
➤⠀P ‌ R ‌ E ‌ A ‌ M ‌ B ‌ L ‌ E
My concern is neither the divine nor the human, but solely what is mine.
Powered by thigh-highs, TrackPoints, Timberlands, and tryptamines!
An East German intelligence officer who never sleeps.
Letting Valve infringe on my freedom since 2011.

➤⠀E ‌ G ‌ O ‌ ‌ - ‌ ‌ D ‌ E ‌ S ‌ K ‌ T ‌ O ‌ P
OS: ‌ Gentoo Linux
HW: ‌ Threadripper 3960X ‌ ‌ RX 5700 XT ‌ ‌ 112GB DDR4 ‌ ‌ 512GB NVMe
KB: ‌ 40% Box Navy (Planck) ‌ ‌60% Zealios ‌ ‌ 60% Alps SKBM White
&C: ‌ 1440p / 155Hz ‌ ‌ 4K / 60Hz ‌ ‌ 1200p / 60hz ‌ ‌ Sensei Raw
♫♫: ‌ Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus ‌ ‌ Blue Yeti

➤⠀H ‌ A ‌ N ‌ D ‌ S
L: ‌ 13.56MHz NFC Type 2 / RFID chipset
R: ‌ Parylene-coated N52 magnet (3x5mm) ‌ ‌ 125kHz T5577 RFID

➤⠀P ‌ H ‌ R ‌ E ‌ N ‌ O ‌ L ‌ O ‌ G ‌ Y ‌ ‌ - ‌ ‌ L ‌ A ‌ P ‌ T ‌ O ‌ P ‌ ‌ ( ‌ 1 ‌ / ‌ 1 ‌ 0 ‌ )
OS: ‌ OpenBSD 6.8
HW: ‌ Core i5-3320M ‌ ‌ 16GB DDR3 ‌ ‌ 256GB SSD
&C: ‌ Coreboot ThinkPad X230 - Skulls

➤⠀L ‌ I ‌ B ‌ E ‌ R ‌ T ‌ Y ‌ - ‌ L ‌ A ‌ P ‌ T ‌ O ‌ P ‌ ‌ ( ‌ 2 ‌ / ‌ 1 ‌ 0 ‌ )
OS: ‌ Parabola GNU/Linux-libre
HW: ‌ Core 2 Duo P8400⠀ ⠀8GB DDR3⠀ ⠀512GB SSD
&C: ‌ Libreboot ThinkPad X200 - Free as in Freedom
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United Airlines Flight 976 was a regularly scheduled flight on that airline. On October 19–20, 1995, it was traveling from Buenos Aires to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Upon landing, one passenger, Gerard Finneran, was arrested by the FBI and charged with interfering with a flight crew and threatening a flight attendant.

During the flight, Finneran, a Wall Street investment banker, had been refused further alcoholic beverages when cabin crew determined he was intoxicated. After they prevented him from attempting to pour himself more, Finneran threatened one flight attendant with violence and attacked another one. He then went into the first-class compartment, which was also carrying Portuguese president Mário Soares and Argentinian foreign minister Guido di Tella and their security details. There, he climbed atop a drinks cart and defecated, using linen napkins to wipe himself, and later tracked and smeared his feces around the cabin.
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sl 18 Thg10 @ 4:14am 
Bleach--- Yes my ♥♥♥♥ has come into contact with bleach before. No it was not submersed, and no it didnt touch the hole. After contact, lets just say a small section on the bottom of my ♥♥♥♥ looks like Harvey Dent after the explosion.
🎃 FunkyPigeon 🎃 11 Thg10 @ 3:44am 
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xchg rax, rax 9 Thg10 @ 10:20pm 
Vulcan is an unincorporated community in Mingo County, West Virginia, United States. Vulcan is located along the Tug Fork across from the state of Kentucky. In 1977, John Robinette, acting mayor of Vulcan, requested foreign aid from the Soviet Union and East Germany to replace the town's bridge after unsuccessful efforts to get the state to replace it. The bridge was the sole route to legally enter and exit the town, and it had collapsed two years previously. Soviet journalist Iona Andronov visited Vulcan on December 17, 1977, to meet with Robinette and survey the problem. Within an hour of his visit, reporters were told that the state would replace the bridge. The West Virginia Legislature provided $1.3 million in funding to replace the bridge.
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A sex bolt is a type of fastener (nut) that has a barrel-shaped flange and protruding boss that is internally threaded. The boss sits within the components being fastened, the flange provides the bearing surface. The sex bolt and accompanying machine screw sit flush on either side of the surfaces being fastened. It is normally chosen because of its low profile compared to other nuts. The sex bolt often has a built-in feature, such as a slot, to aid in tightening the fastener. Some sex bolts, more commonly known as "architectural bolts", have knurled barrels to allow one-sided assembly. "Binding posts" are similar to architectural bolts in that they are designed to be assembled from one side, but they have teeth on the flanged surface to keep them fixed.