New York, New York, United States
In the beginning, God said: the four dimensional diversions of an anti-symmetric second rank tensor equals zero, and there was light.

croissants and vodka go very well together

shaNers-MD : just deag ice
shaNers-MD : obv amazing at it

IM_THE_BEST : who needs organner when ur as good as ice

Damage Given to "UNO! DannyR" - 113 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "UNO! Wavves" - 187 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "UNO! Care" - 154 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "UNO! boshy" - 125 in 1 hit
(Counter-Terrorist) ZBS $rbt : ice is fucking disgusting

Nemesis Awaiteth: the best fap comes to life after you write a 7 pg research paper on PTSD's on military personnel at 4 in the morning

*DEAD* Beautality : anti aim working for ya

`Bangarang. : .ice 40 mil. 1-800-randy-me

*DEAD* Setzer Gabbiani : I think someone is playing bullshit. He sniped me with a pistol and killed in one hit

*DEAD* mamaflocka [Λ] : suck my smelly dick
*DEAD* latenitealumni : your dick is smelly black boy
*DEAD* mamaflocka [Λ] : yes thanks
latenitealumni : ROFL
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