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A friend in need is a friend indeed

Finish level 1

Best hidden

Finish level 2

Most trusting

Finish level 3


Finish level 4

Cuddled up

Finish level 5

Rested at last

Finish level 6

Cleared mind

Finish level 7

Home, sweet home!

Finish last level

Private tutored

Finish tutorial

Last straw

Use music box in the last moment for 5 times

Music box fan

Crank the music box 10 times

Scared to death

Be scared 5 times

Blah blah master

Listen "hero" monologue for 5 times

For sure, there is noone there

Chceck upper bed 10 times

Electric company friend

Turn on external light 10 times

Let there be a light

Light every corner with torchlight