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Personal Achievements

100 Gold

Have 100 Gold in your inventory at once.
Unlocked Jan 27 @ 6:04am

Play for 2 hours

Play Mr. Mine for 2 hours.
Unlocked Jan 26 @ 7:44am


Dig down to 20km
Unlocked Jan 26 @ 6:22am


Dig down to 40km
Unlocked Jan 26 @ 8:07am

Golden Chest

Find a golden chest.
Unlocked Jan 26 @ 4:21pm


Talk to the golem.
Unlocked Jan 26 @ 9:12am

10k Watts

Have 10,000 watts on your drill.
Unlocked Jan 26 @ 10:51am

Play for 24 hours

Play Mr. Mine for 24 hours.
Unlocked Jan 27 @ 6:02am

10 Workers

Hire 10 workers.
Unlocked Jan 26 @ 9:51am


Have a billion dollars at one time.
Unlocked Jan 27 @ 12:20am


Dig down to 70km.
Unlocked Jan 26 @ 4:21pm

10M Watts

Have 10,000,000 watts on your drill.
Unlocked Jan 29 @ 3:02pm

100 Depth

Dig down to 100 depth.
Unlocked Jan 27 @ 8:07pm

The Quest Quest

Complete all other quests.
Unlocked Jan 29 @ 3:02pm

Reach the underground

Reach the ancient underground.
Unlocked Feb 1 @ 5:21am

Brutal Killer

Kill 100 monsters.
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 1:30pm

Oil Tap

Hold 4 oil at one time.
Unlocked Feb 1 @ 5:27am

Fists of Fury

Get Fists to Level 3.
Unlocked Feb 1 @ 6:18am

Deep pumping

Get Oil Rig to Level 6.
Unlocked Feb 8 @ 8:23am

Boss Destroyer

Defeat the third boss
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 1:07am

Fancy Pants

Get a Legendary scientist
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 1:40am

One for each limb

Have 4 weapons
Unlocked Feb 1 @ 6:20am

The Reaper

Bury 30 scientists
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 11:05am

Gem Enthusiast

Craft a purple gem
Unlocked Mar 26 @ 1:47am

Gem Aficionado

Craft a yellow gem
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 4:52pm

High Roller

Sacrifice a total of 50 billion minerals to the core
Unlocked Mar 20 @ 5:08pm

Unstoppable For Now...

Reach level 30 on a scientist
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 3:42am

Reach For The Stars

Reach the moon.
Unlocked Oct 11 @ 5:22am

Damage Overload

Reach a total of 50 DPS or higher


Kill a Whacko. He probably deserved it anyways...

Powered on

Power up the reactor for the first time.

We Need More Power!

Reach level 5 on the reactor.


Cast a buff from the buff lab.

Buffington Von Bufferson

Stay buffed for over 24 hours.