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Murder is my least favorite thing to do.
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kajzer Sep 12 @ 8:14am 
Runescape cabbage warpaint
Sander Sep 12 @ 7:20am 
tf you mean its like Potent poison but green? theyre not even the same, the only similarities is BUBBLES, hate to break it to ya but bubbles arent someone`s property, besides mine is not saturated or that goofy, how about you visit an eye doctor.
Pogodny Jul 7 @ 2:01am 
rock and stone:soviet:
freemyboyray May 24 @ 1:56pm 
sent trade
kajzer Jan 22 @ 11:33am 
yes :)
Big Pink Bunny Jan 22 @ 11:27am 
bc if uplay in team- play with team
we push and kill one team and u think u can alone kill ohters?