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If i've ported a model you created and you wish to have it removed from the workshop just comment below and add me

:facepunch: Hello! I am Perryn, In the past i've done:

- 3D Models
- Car Porting
- Playermodel Porting
- Photon Vehicles
- Prop Porting

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Thank you for these years, i hope you are in a better place now. <3

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Perryn Aug 1 @ 1:32am 
That vehicle isn't templated.
Cucurbitacée Jul 31 @ 4:18pm 
However, nice job for your vehicules. It's very beautiful on a serious roplaying server :) !
Cucurbitacée Jul 31 @ 4:16pm 
Hi Perryn, Iplay on an roleplaying french server, and the owner use on is server your Perryn's 2015 Mercedes Vito Unmarked for police. But I have a project to reskin the vito and I can't find the template.png on internet. Can it possible to shared me this files please ?
Perryn Jul 6 @ 7:35am 
@Javierx1 | Cosa Nostra Thank you for being respectful about it and doing the right thing. Like i said in my comment, uploading only the skin is fully allowed, just not the original vehicle files :)
Javierx1 Jul 5 @ 1:38pm 
Hi Perryn, I would like to apologize for having bothered you by uploading the bearcat of the police of spain to my workshop. I have already hidden the addon so no one else can use it, thank you very much for letting me know. I'm sorry if my English is very bad, it's because I'm Spanish :)
Tokimune Jun 30 @ 9:57am 
golden shower