Raylan Givens
What is truth?   Kentucky, United States
Next time when i need to have a conversation with you. There won't be a conversation. -Raylan Givens

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no, i'm not fanboy of anything. stop accusing me and f**k off. i appreciate negative review with very detailed information. but if i'm insulting your review it's simply because your review hurt my brain and i'm not even smart tbh.

feel free to added me. if you're a bot however, instant block no hesitation. i judge you from your profile look. so if you look like a bot i will block you instantly. don't be a bot before adding me, okay?

i have no fucking idea why am i living?
can you be my reason?

Now, Ironically, in astronomy, the word "revolution" means "a celestial object that comes full circle". Did you know that? Which, if you think about it, is pretty funny, considering here on Earth it means change.
Sometimes the answer is so obvious you can't see it because you're looking too hard.

in the process of curing addiction. it's call facebook.
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If you're here for trading, send offer & info to me. DO NOT ADD ME. i'm sorry, i'm anxious person. so if you add me just for trade, i will unfriend and block you.
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GOTG 2 hype
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สวัสดีปีใหม่จ้า ปีเก่าผ่านไปปีใหม่ผ่านมา ขอให้เจอแต่สิ่งดีๆจ้า :beatmeat:
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meta 10/100
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อืม 5 day 4 day 3day ว๊าย two day 55555
ผมรอเรื่องนี้น่ะแต่ โรงแถวบ้านไม่ขายแก้วน้ำ :steamsad: