Adam   United States
Past Teams:

s2: Enemy CAL open 6-2(leader),
s3: Enemy II 10-1 CAL Open semis(leader),
s10: vGr 1.6, CAL Premier/Invite
s11: vGr 1.6, CAL Premier

s4/s5: Sacrifice for Honor(Leader)
s5: Clan XE CAL Main/Invite(1/2 a Season + Playoffs) s4h/Zomblerz CAL Invite/CEVO P,
s6: Sacrifice for Honor/Instruments of God CAL Main(Leader)
s7: Instruments of God CAL IM 11-4 ( 3rd overall)-Leader
s8: CAL Main - Instruments Of God 7-5(Leader)
s9: CAL Main - Instruments Of God 11-5
s10: CAL Main - 14-4, 5th
s11: CAL Invite PT : 3-0
s12: CAL Invite: 10-3
s13: CAL Invite: League done

s2: Sacrifice for Honor Amateur Division: 10-3 (3rd overall)
s3: Sacrifice for Honor Cevo P Placement 2-1, Cevo P s4h/Zomblerz preseason s3
s3: Sacrifice for Honor CEVO Main 7-4 (5th Overall)-Leader
s4: Sacrifice for Honor CEVO P Placement 2-2-Leader
s5: Instruments of God CEVO Main 14-7 (4th Overall)
s6: Instruments of God CEVO P Placement 1-2
s7: j1n Gaming/IoG - CEVO Main 16-8*Champs*
s8: Cevo p placement 6-1
s8: CEVO P : 8-8 3rd Place
s9: CEVO P Placement 4-1
s9: CEVO P 2-2 inactive

GXL CS:S (Oct 2009): 3rd
ETS CS:S (March 2009): 5th/30
CORELAN CS:S (Oct 2008): 2nd
GXL CS:S(April 2008)
G3G3 CS:S(Feb 2008)
Gamestation CS:S(Jan 2008): 4th Overall
Sector 1337 CS:S(Nov 2007): 2nd Overall, 4-2
IZ3D LAN CS:S(Sept 2007): 1st Overall Lan center, 3rd overall nationwide/18 LAN centers
CyberZone (Aug 2007): 3rd
Web2Zone CS:S(Jun 2007) : 5th
Gamerz Net CS:S (Apr 2007): 5th
Web2Zone CS:S (Feb 2007): 7th
D.C. LAN CS:S (Jan 2007): 20th/43(Pug with aVersion)
Web2Zone CS:S (Nov 2006): 2nd
CyberHub CS:S (August 2006): 5th
CyberZone CS:S (Jul 2006): 7th
Web2Zone CS:S (Jun 2006): 5th
CyberZone CS:S (May 2006): 4th
CCX CS:S (July 2006): 3rd
Cyberzone CS:S (April 2006): 3rd

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