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Previously known as the one and only ☆PEN15_WINNING!!™☆
:csgocross:Previous SourceOP Trusted Seller
:csgocross:Previous TF2-Trader Admin
:csgocross:CSGOShop. com Seller
:csgocross:TF2Shop. com Seller
:csgocross: 550+ Rep Thread [forums.sourceop.com]
:csgocross:Over 100+ TF2 Backpacks Bought
:csgocross:$350,000+ in Cash Transactions
Warning there are many imposters out there! Be sure to check the following:
:csgocross:Steam Comments
:csgocross:Date Joined: January 17th 2011
:csgocross:Steam Level: 100+
>>>>>>>>>>Other Information<<<<<<<<<<
:csgocross:If your profile or backpack is private I will not add you
:csgocross:I will block you if you're a tagged scammer
:csgocross:Leave a message in my comments before adding me
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Please trade with me
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hello paul
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nice picture
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Rest in peace Paul