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OK First off, I really liked almost all of this game. Ill get back to that later but lets talk about what I liked cause the dislikes are very few, but also very strong.

1: The combat is fun for me. it was like they took dead island and revamped the combat in a way where the zombies are really dangerous in a crowd, human opponents are able to block and dodge fairly well, the special infefected need to be aproached carefully at first. the combat has weight, it feels like you are doing the damage proportial to you swing......later. at first you are a wimp, but you feel a little over powered by the end but i was still having fun chopping up zambies in crazy ways.

2:The parkour kicks ass. oh man, i love running around in this game and just seeig how far i could push it. when you get the grappling hook and roll ability, it feels like you can just jump from anything and never stop moving add this with the previously mentioned combat and its just fantastic.

3: the night gamestyle was alot different from the day for me (obviously). the day night mechanic is pretty cool, and they pace the change between the two well. struggling to get a mission done before the night hits is alwayas tense from me and trying to navigate through the night for certain missions was also pretty scurry at times.

4:multiplayer is just fun, but then again almost any game can be fun with friends.

5:Fun upgrades- it seems like the upgrades really made you feel like you werent grinding for them, they came often and brought with them a slew of new abilities that realy spice up gameplay as well.


Certain missions

What do i mean? well lets start with somethign i HATE in games where you can level up and earn new abilities: Forced downgrades for missions. I was just praising the grappling hook earlier cause it is a fun and cool item. so why would you take it away in some missions. I understand you wanna make it harder, but making a game harder by not also considering the upgrades in the added difficulty (cause if it was designed right the hook wouldnt matter) is lame. why would you give me some cool stuff to be like "Oh you cant use it here cause youre tired. but not so tired that you cant pull yourself up multiple times with your upper body and core body strength, cause thats not more tiring that firing a retractable hook." just saying guys. dont make me spider man then gimp me when it matters

second: QTE. what the hell man? I loved the combat in this game so why ruin it by making the last boss a qte event? there was no other qte event in the whole game that i can remember correct me if im wrong and not to hop on the ubisoft hatewagon, but why would you follow that lazy method? especially when you had a great little combat system already set up? it boggles my mind.

all in all the game is fun, double so when you have some friends together. despite my hate, and its a deep deep hate, for those two things, the game itself is really enjoyable. I recommend it with its flaws and all

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