- Cheese on a burger
- A guy with a wicked sense of humor and a voice that can be distinguished from miles away.
- Please give me hugs
- Like my blue hair?
- I like to play TF2
- I'm very talkative
- Christmas freak
- Coach or Louis

- If you read all of this, comment on my profile calling me a punk.
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More about who you're dealing with...
Fact of the matter is that the reason, or at least one of the reasons, you are now looking through my profile is because either my hyperactive personality brought you to become interested as in who exactly this crazed maniac truly is, or because you want to see exactly how pathetic this crazed maniac truly is. Regardless, I always play with the full extent of having others enjoy my company. Whether it's by telling jokes and stories as I play with you bunch, or by yelling and making a fool out of myself. Either way, I hope that with what I do and how I am has brought a smile or a chuckle at least once. Now on to myself. I am merely a tall and handsome individual who has a great body and sharp jaw. Basically drop dead gorgeous. I am also one who, despite what others may believe due to my inability to stay still, doesn't partake in drugs or alcohol. I am always so happy and full of life because of it, make no mistake about it. I love to draw, if you wish to see some of my work, cartoons mostly, feel free and know that it's appreciated, to check out my Instagram page where I post my doodles and cartoons for all to enjoy, it's @nova.sketch for those wondering. I write as well! Cheesy fanfics, if you wish to read them, do search me on WATTPAD at Miserable-Wretch. Also for those who haven't figured it out yet, I am an entertainer, especially with my voice. I do love to make impressions along with just overall using my voice to keep people entertained. I do hope to be a voice actor soon, so next time you play a game, it'll be my voice you will hear. Along with that, I do find bliss in singing, I may not be 5 star material but I enjoy just expressing my emotions through songs. You'll probably or have probably heard me sing anyway if we played. Simply put, I love to make people smile. A rare trait or at least an uncommon one when it comes to games that I usually play. I do hope that I made you smile once, if I did and if you have read this far, do comment on my profile saying "Thanks for the laughs." Cats are my favorite animal and with good reason. I like to take in strays and care for them, they always fill my heart with comfort, their little pointy ears. It is also worth noting that perhaps due to the fact that it's my number one game of all time, we most likely met on Team Fortress 2. In case the last sentence didn't make it clear along with my review of it, it is my favorite game ever, period. There is much more to know about me, and for those who do wish to be indulged by knowing me more personally rather than reading a mini biography like this, then by all means, feel free to message me and I will more than likely have a correspondence with you. In short, I am a fool and a genuine guy who will make you smile, or die trying. Now let's have some fun!
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It's about time I edited this review. I started playing this game when I was 12. Back in 2009, on the Xbox 360. Of course like many, I got into this game by the funny videos I watched on youtube. The classes, they're like a second family to me. All so loveable and enjoyable to play and just listen to. I have many hours on this game and I always tell myself that this will always be my #1 game of all time. With good reasons too, the combat is ridiculous and hilarious. The way the classes move and taunt and just overall act and sound make the experience all that much more pleasant. Along side with MvM, a co-op game mode which is a blast to play, it offers many community game modes which I can find myself lost in. A great community with great laughs and memories, I hope that this game lives on forever so I can one day hope to share it with my kids. Thank you TF2.
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