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Thanks, Bruce!
Posted June 20.
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I've started playing after the Zero Hour update recently.

Having played Battlefield 3 (primarily) and Battlefield 4 on their launch and being a Battlefield-fan since those teams, I'm rather disappointed. Obviously I'm not so much surprised, with all the other negative reviews and news out there. But still I wanted to form my own opinion and see it myself.

And here we go. Exactly as disappointed as others were saying. DICE/EA... just why?

I like the Sci-Fi settings personally, and I would like to see a good, playable Battlefield in this setting as the next one. But you really have to gain back trust from your community, after delivering this mess.

+ Sci-Fi setting (personal preference)
+ Available on Steam (I must find something positive, right?)
+ The maps look beautiful.

- The performance is awful - only 90-100 FPS with overclocked Intel i7 12700K @ 5 GHz and Asus Strix RTX 3080 Ti. Seriously?
- The maps are way too large. You literally run hours across the whole battlefield (especially when all vehicles are full at start) to get shot in less than a second. And repeat.
- I think 128 players are cool as a gimmick, and they might work in certain situations. But sometimes you're just in a corridor with literally 3/4 of the players, throwing more grenades than the amount of players DICE/EA disappointed. (So, this means many. Just to say.)
- You can't jump between and create squads in-game? I felt trolled and couldn't imagine this is the case. But it really is. Who signed this off internally?!
- After all this mess and months of development, content coming with Zero Hour is just disappointing. DICE/EA states the 'majority' of the team works on BF2042, but the content rather looks like a one-man army project. If so, it would be indeed impressive.
- Stability is awful. It's been about one year after release, and it's still just crashing. Mostly just 'gone', not even a crash reporter (is there any?). Windows doesn't recognize the crash, so it's the game. Get it stable.
- Battle Pass. Seriously. Another one? The game costs 60 bucks, 110 for the ultimate. And there really must be a Battle Pass you need to pay, including some in-game shop?! Being a casual gamer and switching between games a lot, I don't want to invest majority of the month just to farm battle pass and get good gear. That's not what I pay for. Not for a full-price title.
- After all the sh*tstorm about BF2042, there's really still a Season Pass to purchase for 40 bucks? Won't it be a good move and fair for your players to reduce or make the first year free? You've messed up and disappointed here. Time to get trust back.
- The player base. Only seeing about 3 000 - 10 000 players on Steam. A bit disappointing, isn't it? Get players back, or it will die quicker than it is anyway.
- I feel like there's quite some annoying Input Latency. That's annoying.
Posted June 16.
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To keep it short: The game is great. Not been a huge fan of battle royal-style games, this one got me. The atmosphere, graphic and sound design is awesome. As it's free-to-play, I'd recommend to give it a chance.

Frankly, try it out yourself. This might be a negative rating as I think there're major points in need to be addressed, but it still makes it a game you can invest and have fun for quite some time.

The following few major points ended up me giving it a bad rating FOR NOW (!!):

1. Cheaters don't increase the fun you're having. There some work needs to be done.

2. When starting the game, you're being greeted with account creation steps. That made a trio squad to almost end the game. If I'd have been playing alone, I'd have uninstalled it. Just no. I login in Steam, then use the Steam API as other games do. There are better ways for a more smooth and hassle-free implementation.

3. Some balancing-things. Some weapons are literally trash and sneezing might cause more damage than some weapons there. While other guns just delete you instantly.

(4. Slight note: It might be just me, but level 100 in the battle pass seems to be quite hard to reach for free players, isn't it?)

Edit 2022-05-25
There a few more negative points I have to add unfortunately:

- The game crashes every 1-3 hours for me, unfortunately no idea why. Raised a discussion here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/760160/discussions/0/3382778848118093435/

- The match ending screen with the different sections is too long. It should be skip-able with one press/button.

- The time needed to jump in a new match is a bit too long for my taste. Would be cool to reduce the waiting time.

- Implementing a kill cam would be a great addition.

- I'm missing a duo/trio matchmaking system, not just solo.

- Please let us skip the intro when launching the game.

But a big plus is the comment on this review by @Voytek_Sharkmob. It's great to see devs really taking time to reply here. It's not enough to let me change it to positive now, but it has a very, very big plus point.
Posted May 17. Last edited May 24.
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Unfortunately this game is instantly crashing with error; not able to get past the crashreporter utility:
"SaveSystem :: Failed to create directory: /domain.tld/Documents/Avalanche Studios Error[14]: Pathname has '.' as last component"

Research leads to a known issue back in November 2020 and June 2021:

So apparently it wasn't fixed to date and I'm not able to give this game a try. Raised a support ticket and reported the issue - if fixed, I'll update the review.

Just to remind, the main issue was that the savegame folder could not be created in the Documents folder, which is redirected using a built-in Windows feature to a network share.(What majority of my games library are capable of - except this one)

The support experience was long-lasting, terrible, and pointless. After continuously fighting and pushing to get this fixed for all affected users, the supporter claimed it being reported to the development team and closed the ticket.

After like 2 weeks me keeping the ticket open and the supporter it closing again, the result is now "No idea when we fix it". So I guess it was never reported to the devs and that this was a a very polite way of "We don't ♥♥♥♥♥ care. Fk off!".

It went from the assumption:
- my Integrated Intel graphics for my secondary monitor was the cause for the savegame folder not being able to create properly on the harddisk (makes sense, right?)
- to the game is running wrong on the internal graphic card (because I wouldn't notice the different between on-board graphics and my RTX 3080 Ti, right? And the game not even started.)
- Disable Folder Redirection (which implies moving hundreds of gigabyte across the network and rebooting every time when starting and stopping the game, just to play this game for a few hours.)
- I should not use the built-in feature Folder Redirection at all (where other games work completely fine)
- And gladly we noted that "most users put save folder on the regular drive [and not Folder Redirection]". Which is of course very solution-focused.
Posted April 12. Last edited May 17.
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One of the best, moving, emotional, brilliant games I've played so far. I hope Quantic Dream keeps publishing their games on the PC platform (if hopefully also without exclusivity)
Posted March 29.
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When playing online with friends, I'm always get kicked out of the game with reason: "You have been kicked from the game server because your client failed anti-cheat authentication (Reason 3)". Other games with Easy-Anti-Cheat work just fine. This bug seems to be known since October 2021 and there's no fix in sight: https://back4blood.bugs.wbgames.com/bug/B4B-80
Posted March 21.
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I've never been a big MMO fan, but this game just catched me. I love the presentation of the game, the art style, the classes and its animations. It really makes fun and is rewarding.

The start - not counting in the Steam-related issues during headstart-launch - was excellent and no real issues present. The F2P launch with the hotfix was rather a disaster, to say it in a nice way. (Especially because founders lost about 6 hours of headstart in the EU). But okay, it's an online MMO. Bad things happen, it doesn't make the game being less fun in the end.

Beside its strengths, there are still some heavy downsides annoying me pretty much. It's heavily server-based (as most MMOs are I believe) and I think this should be reconsidered someday. The world is instanced, and that's fine. But when you're paying and getting items, they are all server-based once redeemed. Making it really, really painful to switch servers in a later stage.

Just before F2P launch they - understandably - locked down servers to reduce queue times, but blocks founders to play with friends choosing to go purely with F2P. Which is really, really annoying. Especially as playing with friends makes it the best experience.
Posted February 11.
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>>>>> ! ! ! ! ! ! ! UPDATE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! <<<<<
Good news: They very recently reworked the text to be more clear.
That was really quick - thanks Lost Ark Team!

The original text was: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2753412914 (thanks for Com Truise from the comments for the screenshot)
>>>>> ! ! ! ! ! ! ! UPDATE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! <<<<<

(I highlighted the above note more clearly, as apparently other people are not able to read it properly)

WARNING: When you purchase the pack, you will ONLY get ONE of the instructed skins, depending on which character you open the chest with. This is NOT what is currently listed in the description of receiving items on the Steam page and is clearly misleading. I'd have expected otherwise. A bit disappointed here.
Posted February 11. Last edited February 14.
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A great game - can recommend "It Takes Two", from the same studio, as well.
Posted December 8, 2021.
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Walks you through an interesting story. In my opinion it doesn't catch up to the famous Life Is Strange stories, but still enjoyed it. The only cons from me: The game is quite slow-paced, you can't sprint and there're not much different endings.
Posted December 7, 2021.
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