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Personal Achievements


Reach Level 5


Reach Level 10


Reach Level 30


Fully upgrade your Agility skill

Repossession Specialist

Fully upgrade your Stealing skill

Field Surgeon

Fully upgrade your Medicine skill

The Art of War

Fully upgrade your Intelligence skill

Acceptable Casualties

Kill 100 enemies in total

Collateral Damage

Kill 1000 enemies in total

Designated Marksman

Land 100 headshots

Forced Cranial Ventilation Expert

Land 1000 headshots

Always faster than reloading

Kill 100 enemies with pistol

CQC Expert

Kill 100 enemies with submachine gun

For Close Encounters

Kill 100 enemies with shotgun

Spirit of The Uman

Kill 100 enemies with grenades

Try and try until you die

Die 50 times


Win 50 battles

If at first you don’t succeed

Lose 50 battles

Stop right there

Fail at stealing 50 times

Criminal scum

Steal 50 times

What a plunderful world

Plunder 50 times

No man left behind

Recruit all available companions

You and what army

Win 10 battles by yourself

Teachings of The Uman

Throw 200 grenades

Enemy at the gates

Defend your city 5 times


Forge 3 alliances with other nations


Forge 5 alliances with other nations

A Humble Beginning

Possess 100,000 Zolties

Slumdog Millionare

Possess 1,000,000 Zolties


Possess 5,000,000 Zolties

Master Architect

Construct 50 buildings

Joining The Cause

Accept volunteer troops 5 times

Persona Non Grata

Have -200 Reputation

Public Enemy

Have -100 Reputation

Town Outcast

Have -30 Reputation

Familiar Face

Reach 50 Reputation

Local Celebrity

Reach 300 Reputation

Hollywood Fame

Reach 500 Reputation