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Early Access Review
I literally sat and played my entire amount in one straight run. I admit its only 5-6 hours I still had fun. The game was literally released yesterday. I had a couple hours of fun just messing with the expansive building system. I admit there is a lack of content away from your home base BUT this game is AMAZING and has surpassed my expectations for an early access day one release. PLEASE give it some time to develop and give it a try. I have only played on PVE as PVP is currently broken. But I enjoy games likes Rust, DayZ, and Ark and it I recommend this game. I am excited as this game has A LOT of potential so I am hoping they take it in the right direction. I do have a PVE server up on my dedicated server if you can find DGS Dedicated Server in the browser.


Game has a lot of potential as it sits. I had a lot of fun building my home and getting a horse. Hopefully updates coming add a lot of content away from home and fix PVP. BUT this game is great for just being released and I am excited to see where it goes.
Posted March 13.
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One of the best games hands down. A lot of different types of servers from Life RP, Milsim, to KOTH, and much more. This game is going strong and will be for awhile. PS you should all of the DLC as well.
Posted January 9, 2018.
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Showing 1-2 of 2 entries