Patrik   Slovakia
Was main artist for Breath of War, TF2 workshop items, "Blizz-like" weapons
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I want to give BIG thanks to music artist of my video game for teaser, she made her original music using real musical instruments in less than 2 weeks and I really enjoy it
She is big talent

Pyro MAIN in Highlander. Available for mix/merc
Not everyday is good , so it depends on my mood and how well did i sleep coz sometimes play a shit
That is how i am feeling
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If you are out to hunt a bunch of sharks, do you need a bigger boat or just a bunch of smaller vessels?

Friends, please consider that this is meant to be main model and other shorks are style for this one. It is up to valve to choose styles, if they add
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Status - Pending, Created by - Strno8, Overlord Lettuce, DJB2401, and Petachepas
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Pyro Pipe Jump
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r0nii Mar 24 @ 2:43pm 
oh fuck i had idea to make bambonades....
CSn| Lia Rein Mar 10 @ 5:07pm 
Adding cuz played with you in pub and you seemed fairly neat0
Vavro Hrobár Feb 27 @ 7:30am 

sir crazy Feb 9 @ 9:41pm 
𝕽🌸b☯t 𝓢enpai Jan 16 @ 9:42am 
Added as a fellow workshoper. :nekoheart:
♿Zamparonie Jan 8 @ 8:26am 
i need this !!!!