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Kill 10 enemies

Super Annihilator

Kill 100 enemies

Mega Annihilator

Kill 1000 enemies

Crazy Annihilator

Kill 10000 enemies

Okay, okay, this is just a beginning

Unlock 1st Level

You really got a hold on me

Unlock 2nd level

I'm moving on

Unlock 3rd level

Almost there

Unlock 4th level

No refunds, no more, no more

Unlock 5th level

Mr. Boss level 1

Kill 1st Boss

Mr. Boss level 2

Kill 2nd Boss

Mr. Boss level 3

Kill 3rd Boss

Mr. Boss level 4

Kill 4th Boss

Mr. Boss level 5

Kill 5th Boss

Burn me, Baby

Start a burner on the second level

Fall me, Baby

Make enemies fall on the first level

Who said you can't fly?

Fall into the abyss on any level


Die once


Die 10 times


Die 100 times

I know I can heal myself

Heal once

This game makes me heal myself so much I can't expect this to be so please make a refund I can't take this anymore, okay?

Heal 10 times

Doctor Robert

Heal 100 times

Exploit Master

Heal 1000 times

Meds, Meds, Sweet Meds

Find Meds on the level and use it!