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I play TF2... and other games, but 3000 hours is 3000 hours
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Heh?, If you scrolling this far down here you either stalking me or bored (can't really blame you for either)

I do want to say some ♥♥♥♥ tho,

This is if you want to trade with me :
if it's steam trading cards I might just give you them depending on what i have
the only other ♥♥♥♥ you'd want from me is Team Fortress 2 stuff, if it's crates it depends on which ones i might ask for like 1 key,
other items tho... now i have not spent much money on the game so the items i have i have earned over ~5 years I have some sentimental value to ♥♥♥♥ so you'd better have something that i think is better then what you want or is so funny to me (like my strange Professional Killstreak shovel and fists best ten bucks spent on this game) that it's worth the trade,
unless your asking for my taunts you'd better give me a taunt back those things i value more so if your asking for a hat of mine and your offering a taunt you'd probably (depending on what it is) get it

now if that seems like i don't trade much it's because I don't so be patient when trading with me it's either me not knowing what I'm doing or looking on

Scammers. don't try the only ♥♥♥♥ you'd want from me is from TF2 and i have ~3000 hours so you'd think that they would think I'm not an udder idiot and yet i have had 3 of em' in the past 4 months

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tarn degrence front the 20th/10
100 women in a trench coat Apr 6 @ 6:18pm 
we're stalking you
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term degengse fork 2.23
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EVERYBODY! I DON'T LIKE THIS MAN. HE IS A SOULLESS MONSTER!" (sotto voce) "I do like you, it's just for show."
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Tram defense forts 2.222222222222
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