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Overview of Our NM Match - My 2 Cents

BTW Lupe I hope your reading this, that spam shit you pulled on Jay and I was probably the most ridiculous thing I have seen a fellow clan member do, so straight up I want you out. Your BS not only caused problems for J but almost led me to get incapped while I struggled to block you... Enough said we just had too many problems for that match. I know we had to potential to beat that team, we had a great lead which just continued to fall apart as more problems came up. One last thing, it was really upsetting to see Anti try and setup a practice before the match while half the team sat in another DA...DA! Scrim..which counted for absolutely nothing in comparison to the match we had tonight.

In conclusion, I need to either find out why my Vent was so messed up or maybe we can grab a new Vent? Another thing is Jay, seriously man, you need to use your mic, when you died from that smoker on the 3rd map because you didn't say anything that’s just...unacceptable man, and I don’t mean to point you out I just need you to understand. Finally, I think the four people who will be participating in the match should meet 2 hours before hand to go over simple strategies and effective gameplay that can improve our chance of winning.
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when is the vampire going to come crawling back
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keep ur spagetthi
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you'll be back
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