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Founder Steam group GamesAndME 👥 🎁 💬
Founder Steam group Meet Real Friends 👥 🎁 💬
Founder Steam group Panama's Extra Keys 🎁🔑

DogeBundle Manager 🎮 🎁 💬
Discord server DogeBundle
:stop1: Do you want your own MASS giveaway? []

REX Network Grand Emperor Of Moderation 🎮 👥 🎁 💬
Steam group The REX Network link
Steam group REXDiscord link
Steam group REXCurse link
Discord server REX Network
Twitch server REX Network

Marvelous Organizer Discord server 🎮 👥 💬
Discord server Marvelous

Giveaway hostess on Steamgifts 🎁
Beta Tester Artifex Mundi 🎮

👉 Friends can take my coupons for free Trade link :Teddy_take:

All donations are welcome Trade link :goodie:

🏆 A special thanks for people who already have given me/my group donations/free games :butterfly:
💎 Beelzebozo 💎 Lilly (✿◠‿◠) 💎 El-NiHiLiO 💎 Zeraphine 💎 Tch. 💎 Slimmmeiske2 💎 Chudah 💎 Tchii 💎 Wixmix 💎 SMK398 💎 AndreyP 💎 Mamilos Brito 💎JackShit 333 💎 Collector 💎 AlexaruHD® 💎 SuicidaL 💎 LLockey 💎 Tarrel Collector 💎 Holy 💎 Frankenweeniie 💎 luckz 💎 Lokenim 💎 Jermbenz 💎 µystikó 💎 UN0W3N 💎 WAT#Keden 💎 Divertic 💎 Koala Bear 💎 i.verveer 💎 Niksyn 💎 ChaoticSheep 💎 SMK398 💎 Prospal(Amesix) 💎 🔥Letters 💎 MissDefi 💎HellRider 💎Vick 💎Anonymous FuX 💎 Grobbus 💎

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👉 Open to enter GA's 🔼 GamesAndME group GA's topic Meet Real Friends group GA's topic
👉 Panama's Extra Keys group GA's [private group] topic
📍 Free keys
👉 Panama's Extra Keys group GA's 🔼Free keys thread link
📍 DogeBundle
👉MASS GA's 🔼DogeBundle site link []
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👉 Open to enter GA's 🔼Discord Server REX link [] Discord Server Marvelous link []
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:redfollowerslow: Cards
Same set:
:GreenArrow:1:1 if I don't have your card and my card is a duplicate (or you are a friend 👥)
:GreenArrow:1:2 if you take a non-duplicate card of me*
Different set:
:GreenArrow:Most times 1:2 but it depends on the value*
Foil cards:
:GreenArrow:Make a good offer
*Some cards I don't trade 1:2 or in different set because I want to make a badge for myself.

:redfollowerslow: Emoticons and backgrounds
:GreenArrow:1:1 if it's same value trade (or you offer more) and I have duplicate
Non duplicate:
:GreenArrow:1:2 but it depends on the value*
*Some emoticons and backgrounds I want for myself and I won't trade them (I'll refuse the trade offer in that case, sorry in advance).

:redfollowerslow: Coupons
:GreenArrow:Make a offer
👥 Friends can take my coupons for free trade link :Teddy_take:

:notebook: Notes
:TFTBrokenCellPhone: I only accept trades without mobile authenticator if you'r offer has at least 50% more value.
:stop1: I don't trade my items for coupons!
:bbtgem: Gems are also welcome (as an addition to the bid or donation).

:clickpointer: My Steam trade link
:clickpointer: My QuickMatch URL []

Thanks for trading and donating! :prolBingbong:
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M~ Jun 30 @ 12:00pm 
+rep <3
Rob Wolf B May 26 @ 9:58am 
geadd voor de NL groep.
☯Syko☯ May 6 @ 9:20am 
do you want CS:GO?
🥃 neyel8r 🔥 May 4 @ 4:59pm 
awww .... thank you so much! :al_flower: :steamhappy: Happy Weekend :steamhappy: :al_flower: to you too!!
Panama May 1 @ 4:06am 
KoALALALALA see DM Discord ;)
Bubbles Apr 29 @ 11:23am 
R.I.P. keys :SnakeWeird: