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- Some Infos -

     :TryAgain:  No longer accepting friend request

    :SpeedEmoticon:   Everyone who send a link to me or write it into the comments, get blocked!

    :SpeedEmoticon:  I don't accept Group invites
    :SpeedEmoticon:  Don't invite me to games! Please ask me before :speech:
    :SpeedEmoticon:  Old Minecraft Player [Since Alpha 1.2.0] :terraria:

- Friends Invitations -

    :SpeedEmoticon: If you really want me as friend, tell me in the comments :nottherobot:

I'll Block and Report you, if you :RedArrow:

    :displash: want free things (look at my Trading rules)
    :displash: spam me in the chat (more than 10 messages in a minute)
    :displash: insult me several times
    :displash: you asking me for a free game

- Some Facts about me -

    :steamwings:  Favorite games  : Black Mesa :bms:, Detroit: Become Human, The Last of us, Hearthstone [...]
    :steamwings:  Favorite movies  : Star Trek, Harry Potter, LOTR [...]
    :steamwings:  Favorite series  : Star Trek Voyager, The Walking Dead [...]
    :steamwings:  Favorite animals  : Dog :doggy:, Hedgehog [...]
    :steamwings:  Favorite musics  : Trap, Electro, Bass [...]
    :steamwings:  Favorite colours  : Blue and Green
    :steamwings:  Birthday: 06/07 | Gender: Male | Languages: German/English

- Trading rules -

    :steamwings: I don´t Trade with my cards anymore ! :displash:
    :steamwings: You can have an Emoticon or a Background when I have two or more of the same item !
    :steamwings: Make a Trading offer and then i will look what i need or what i want :butterfly:
    :steamwings:  !! only 1:1 trade !! Thank you :star:

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              :steamwings: steamname:  Pal Diaray
              :steamwings: steamIDx32:  STEAM_0:0:58837471
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              :steamwings: customURL:
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              :thefinger:  Cool friends on Steam  :tdealwithit:

              :mana:  Annika
              :mana:  Henri
              :mana:  Wulfhq
              :mana:  Clash Cloud
              :mana:  ChrisG
              :mana:  Pentari
              :mana:  Slipknot1267
              :mana:  Schnizzel

                                                      :bms:  Black Mesa Facts  :bms:
                                            :ipot: I'll try to hit 200 times until Winter :ipot:

              :steamwings:  22.12.12   :dangerous: 1 Time  -  [Started to play]
              :steamwings:  17.10.13   :dangerous: 50 Times
              :steamwings:  06.07.14   :dangerous: 100 Times
              :steamwings:  31.12.14   :dangerous: 150 Times
              :steamwings:  02.08.15   :dangerous: 171 Times  -  [First Time BM Steam version]
              :steamwings:  22.05.18   :dangerous: 190 Times  -  [Now]

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craM♞ Aug 3 @ 7:37pm 
Have a great weekend! :thumbsup:
byteframe 🤑 is snappy 😬 Jul 17 @ 10:11pm 
Scully: Well, reincarnation has always been a popular theory
on death row, for obvious reasons!

"The X-Files: The List"

Scully: Why didn't you tell me it was your sister?
Mulder: I knew you'd never let me go through with it. (After
Samantha's clone is killed because of a hostage trade
off between she and Scully)

"The X-Files: End Game"
☀ Winged Kitten Jul 8 @ 8:03pm 
Hiyas friend! I'm back in action! I have so much to catch up on! Maybe you can direct me towards remaking my steam profile to be even better,m and as awesome as yours (that'd be sooo cool)
K-miK Jul 8 @ 3:22pm 
:UltimateStar:You´re a good & nice person:UltimateStar:
Lukas Jul 6 @ 9:36am 
Hello my friend I hope your life runs good :ugheart:
☀ Winged Kitten Jul 4 @ 6:51pm 
Thanks! Hope you are having a good day/night today as well