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Posted: Dec 26, 2014 @ 5:39am
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Genre: Sci-fi/Drama
Duration: About 4 hours
Developed by: Key
Licensed by: Sekai Project

Once you, the unnamed protagonist, reach the planetarium in a sarcophagus city, you meet this girl robot Yumemi. She talks a lot and insists in giving you a bouquet of junk. I like to refer to the protagonist as Mr. Customer, as that's how Yumemi refers to you. In any case, Planetarian spends a considerable amount of time explaining what has happened to the world and how desolate it is.

Years ago, a full-scale war devastated Earth. Mankind built robots that could keep on identifying enemies and killing them even after all humans were decimated. And, indeed, human population decreased severely, to the point now there are only a few settlements left, far away from what we used to call "cities" back then. Some of said cities became sarcophagi, isolated and supposedly full of resources now rare in the few junkers who dare to trespass their walls' daily lives. The only two things that are constant in a human life now are fear and the rain.

The Rain is some sort of a third character. The war, in the end, doesn't matter; the destruction doesn't matter; the booby trap that killed the protagonist's partner some time ago doesn't matter - but the fact that there's an ever-present toxic downpour is very much stressed by the artwork and the text, since, after all, it's the solid representation of the misery the world is going through. What is the Rain like? It (or she, since "rain" is a feminine noun in Portuguese and I can't help but think of a rain as a feminine entity) is negative. Inexorably, unchangeably, untouchably so. She will not stop, she will not break, she will not waver. However, Mr. Customer learned how to live with her.

So you, the player, transit between two worlds: the barren outside, reigned over by the Rain, and the barren inside of the planetarium, reigned over by Yumemi. She knows every inch of the building. She's a robot, responsible for the planetarium. And what is she like? She is positive. Inexorably, unchangeably, untouchably so. She is a robot, programmed to be like this, yet "just a little broken". She cannot stop, she cannot break, she cannot waver. However, Mr. Customer learns how to live with her.

What is the relationship between these two characters? None. They are completely unaware of one another and the protagonist is the bridge. It is confusing for Mr. Customer and it is confusing for you. The fact that you are the 2,500,000th customer (or, rather, the 2,497,290th customer, or rather rather, 2,497,288th visitor I think) is the whole reason why the story unfolds. She is not a human, there are never second intentions to what she says. She is what she is. She is the same as the Rain - they are two entities that can't ever touch because they are inexorable and will not, by essence and definition, change how they think and what they do.

So the story is about Yumemi and the Rain, or, rather, about the time you'll spend alongside an upbeat, bright, fun to listen to and just a little broken robot who thinks of the pernicious, toxic rain outside as "an unfortunate weather", day by day. You're a bystander, yet you're the reason why the story unfolds. This is how planetarian ~reverie of a little planet~ drags you into its world and makes you deeply attached to a character, even without choices. Especially without choices.


*It is one of the most touching stories on Steam. In fact, it's one of the most touching visual novels ever.


*Might be expensive
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