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I'm Padre Snowmizzle, a guy who plays games and even reviews them on my YouTube channel. If you want to come check me out or contact me, links are down below. Thank you for readin', and have a great day! I will deny almost any trade offer and find that scammers are predictable, so don't even try.
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Here's the many ways to contact me. Make it not-spammy, if you please:



Padre Snowmizzle [YT]#5243


Games I've been involved with:

"Horror Halls" (by LexzachGames)
-I did the art and sound redesign for my good man Lex, check out his game here!

"Physica-E" (by Electro Maniac)
-I did the voice of the antagonist for Electro's game, and this was my first bit of voice acting too!

"WEEKEND" (by Galva_)
-I did the voice of Buddy, the antagonist for Galva's game, who appeared in the game's old trailer. Being my second bit of voice work, I think I must've nailed "creepy"!

"Project Readjusted" (by Mechalolzlas)
-I designed the old cutscenes you'll come across as you progress; I guess chicken scratch worked for a bit, lol.

"Baby's Nightmare Circus" (by Mixlas)
-I designed a Halloween variant of Nightmare Baby for this game, so check it out on Halloween if an update comes out!

"Winter's Quietude" (by Lowman)
-I partnered up with Lowman to create an ambitious sequel for The Silent House , assisting with character/environmental design, story, game mechanics, and more than likely lending my voice! This is my first major project I've been involved with.

"Fredbear and Friends: Reboot" Series (by SithDestroyer and Rarithlynx)
-This is probably my second biggest project I've been involved in. I voiced Fredbear, the Endocluster, his parrot, and two employees (one with a terrible mic sound for whatever reason, and one with a dumb voice, just for shits n' giggles). Additionally, I've assisted with some mechanics here and there.

"Smiles and Servos Inc. Rebooted" (by Ooblek)
-I'm the sound designer behind the character's voices. It ain't a voice acting gig, but at least I still get to edit some lines!

"The Twisted Carnival" (by Galva_)
-I'm the voice of Bonzo, Foxtrot, and Dunko in this game. Good thing I can kinda do a creepy southerner, pirate, and more, right?

"3177" (by Gismomech and David)
-I assisted these guys with their first project by giving pointers about making sure their game isn't a battery-hunting game of getting super lost in bright daylight (aka, I suggested makin' the game darker and having auditable soothing rings for memories). I also made the trailer and some UI for the game, too. First time I ever had to do that!

"Paronoia: The Blighted Grove" (by Tallot Co.)
-I've made a few pieces of character concept art for the main threats of this in-the-works singleplayer/multiplayer horror game.

"Fazbear's Return: Remastered" (by Mahmoujh Productions)
-I voice the main protagonist, "Joe," in this in-the-works fan game. Additionally, I've assited with some statistical aspects within the game's mechanics, concept-wise.

"The Silent House" Bonus Content (by Lowman)
-Me and Lowman are back at it again! This time around, we're celebrating one year since the first release of The Silent House on May 6th, 2017. I created the concept of the characters and mechanics in the new, "Chemical Karma," and, "Violated Garden," gamemodes, while he modeled, animated, coded, and more. Regardless, we make quite the ambitious team.

"Psycho Show" (by New_Horizons_Software and Lowman)
-I swear, now all three of us share a brain. I've created a majority of the characters, both in appearance and mechanics, for this pixelated singleplayer/multiplayer horror game. I've also voiced the ritual demon Dreary Deary the Downer.

There's more, but I cannot openly discuss my involvement here. Sorry folks!

Here's some other cool little things involving me:

"Padre's True Party Collection" code for Cards Against Humanity:


"Luckit' Duels" code for Cards Against Humanity (Created by Padre Snowmizzle):

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I usually prefer to cover horror games, but seeing how I also have a love for multiplayer games and the team who made horror games like Stifled and Lurking, I wanted to give their newest sound-based game a shot. Here's the usual gameplay insert, all that good ♥♥♥♥:

If this peaks your interest, I have a special 10% off code for Muffled Warfare! Just check it out here so you can save a couple of bucks:

Enough blatherin', let's get to why I genuinely believe this game has such a high appeal to me and many others.

This FPS requires your hearing as much as your visuals. You're practically blind, stumbling about in a dark, monotone environment. The only guide lines you'll recieve are... well, literal guide lines represented as white sound waves. Every single action has a reaction, each scaling in magnitude depending on the loudness of said action. Players must keep this in mind as they hunt each other down to kill them in a classic deathmatch fashion. Currently, deathmatch is the only available mode with three maps to chose from, but at least there are bots so you never feel alone, and you can host a server to play with your chums. There's even a quick play feature to hop right into a match almost flawlessly, as well as a rewarding level-up system where you don't rely on paying for a boost; you get what you get by actively playing and getting good. That's how a shooter should be nowadays, nothin' but using skill in order to reap in the rewards with no ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t buyable pass.

With this said, people have claimed the game to become too stale and chose to refund it until it has more to it. From speaking with the developers within a stream, I get the feeling they want to add more, and mind you, I'm typing this as it's still in early access, so... chill people, lol. They still have a while yet before the full product is 100% done.

This game has so much potential to be a great multiplayer game, but the dev team should make sure to take the right steps in order to do so. Between the unique sound-based combat and seamless connection, you're guaranteed a blast that'll last for a long while. Additionally, you can visit their Discord channel and stay up-to-date with news, as well as visit their Twitch to view the developers play with their followers! An active team talkin' to an active community? Now that sounds like a nice gig for me. Thanks for readin', and I hope this review was helpful enough for ya. Have a great day, folks.
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No problem!
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Ah, sure, hold on then.
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yo i added u i would like it if u accepted it..?
Padre Snowmizzle May 11 @ 7:15am 
You know, I always did have a few cartoon ideas in mind, more adult humored than others. I'd probably do animation on the side, but I also love doin' animations!
Mish4p May 11 @ 5:36am 
This guy needs his on cartoon on adultswim. I give 10 icecubs out of 10!