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Переведённые моды:

:onlyleft: New Ship Classes & More 2 - CaptainX3 и Co.
:onlyleft: Plentiful Traditions 2 - Birdy, с 2.0 от SI-Abominus
:onlyleft: ISBS: Doomsday Weapons & Ships - Ankain
:onlyleft: Advanced Ship Components - Will pick sniper
:onlyleft: Advanced Weapons - Will pick sniper
:onlyleft: Advanced Jump Drives - Will pick sniper
:onlyleft: EAC: At War - The Dadinator
:onlyleft: EAC: Empire University - The Dadinator
:onlyleft: EAC: New Additions - The Dadinator
:onlyleft: EAC: Back to the Drawing Board - The Dadinator
:onlyleft: More AI Personalities - cybrxkhan (WIP)
:onlyleft: Ship Power Stations - folk
:onlyleft: Space Merchants 2.0 - DrBLOOD
:onlyleft: Expanded Traits - VitesseDL
:onlyleft: Colossus Terraforming - 9S
:onlyleft: Core Game Mechanics: Buildings - Gratak, ExNihil, Dumuzii
:onlyleft: Core Game Mechanics: Planets Enhanced - ExNihil and Co.
:onlyleft: Hands of State - AlphaAsh
:onlyleft: Gods and Guardians - AlphaAsh
:onlyleft: The Utopian Dream - AlphaAsh
:onlyleft: Xeno Fauna - AlphaAsh
И ещё больше.

Все эти переводы находятся тут (если не включены):
:onlyleft: PTP - Russian Localization

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Miheo Sep 11 @ 2:37am 
I can give my Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth for all of your csgo graffities and cases (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
byteframe 😭 is wise 🤗 Aug 23 @ 1:30pm 
Ali Reza mi lapa Pishkata Jul 28 @ 7:02am 
-rep has 30 skins can play only 1 weapon-the easiest of them all, the awp 1 tap :)
❄ snow Jan 23, 2017 @ 12:19pm 
+rep Extremely nice guy, you can trust him 100%
✪ Bor1ska Dec 5, 2016 @ 7:25am 
Твой Секс Раб Nov 4, 2016 @ 5:03am 
good luck in real life bro!