“Cannot confirm or deny Valve time.”
No, I am not going to accept your random invites and trade offers. Message me instead, if you want to talk in private.
Common things you need to know
Welcome. Welcome to City 17 my profile page. I'm a hobbyist video game developer. Sometimes I mod and translate games and other sorts of software that I enjoy playing with. I also like alpha, beta and cut / removed content.

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:dwayneelf: If someone offers you a free in-game item, and all you have to do, is to follow a link, it's likely a scam.

:cfacepalm: I likely won't be doing any business with you unless I know you. The same applies to all those pesky invites.

:first_star: I'm a moderator / administrator of various places, on Steam and on different corners of the Internet, while I primarily use Steam for gaming, don't hesitate to ask questions related to communities I manage in the PMs , should any arise.

:f1_skull: "+rep" is a scammers' mark. I'm not a scammer, so don't post "+rep" on my profile and expect the same in return, unless you want to be +rep orted .
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Half-Life: Alyx