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01:46 - Ozaron: I need sleep.
01:47 - Ozaron: I can't continue.
01:47 - Safari Grey: Pff.
01:47 - Safari Grey: Silly human.
01:47 - Ozaron: ;_;

21:34 - Sergeant Dornan: I keep wanting to shoot you in the head over and over.
21:34 - Ozaron: I get that a lot.

00:45 - Solid Bacon: I am so fucking hungry right now
00:45 - Solid Bacon: So I'm gonna open a can of food and eat it cold like a savage

03:51 - Muz: it's disgusting and I love it

22:55 - Zeritum: I feel like I'm flying through space on a weed rocket

00:27 - Zeritum: If I had my window open there would just be dicks flooding in

20:54 - Fiefio: If your dragon wieners get popular enough you can get even more money by creating a patreon account where you can promise early wieners for a mere prise of 15 dollars per month!
20:55 - Ozaron: price*
20:55 - Ozaron: and uh yeah you could
20:55 - Ozaron: but do you want to?
20:56 - Ozaron: who wants to lead off their CV with 'I made a name for myself by drawing dragon weiners for crazy fetishist nerds on the internet'
20:56 - Ozaron: just saying
20:56 - Fiefio: No need for CVs or real jobs when you're sitting on a huge pile of wiener money
20:57 - Ozaron: I'm so done here

18:03 - Smug anime girl has changed their name to Meme police.
18:04 - Meme police: i'm achieving my final form

"Sometimes you're useful." -Vxnla, 2k16.

u n l u c k y: gfngfhhhhhhhhhhhh i want to be 10 years old
u n l u c k y: not worrying about anything
Ozaron: I still don't worry about anything
u n l u c k y: well ur almost 11


Wott fukk :-!

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Ozaron Jul 20 @ 5:36am 
There is always you can not think of the low price
Silver Mar 10 @ 12:36pm 
+🅱ep fast and friendly trad
Sergeant Dornan Jan 18 @ 11:02pm 
RPH: Rocket-Propelled Hamburgers.
Sergeant Dornan Dec 25, 2017 @ 2:12am 
Carvings give you every imaginable advantage, however! V E R Y G O O D.
u n l u c k y Dec 7, 2017 @ 10:26am 
first I came here because of ur avatar but watching your gameplay I caught myself in love with
ur personality (at least the one u showed on the video). U managed to drag my eyes from the
chest (yours and widows) all the way up to the eyes. We should skype (no scare no scare,
k? x-D) I would like meeting your face too, just pick up and we will chat!!! it’s a
deal~!Btw, Im taken so those compliments
are just sincere ones, with
no second intentions behind them
Fiefio Nov 28, 2017 @ 2:21am 
Big enough to ride a bicycle with training wheels off