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Hiro 'Alpha' Nakamura [FW] has used '/Me would look at her vagina, would she be shaved or hairy ?'.
Kat Jackson [M] has used '/It She would be shaved'.
Hiro 'Alpha' Nakamura [FW] has used '/Me would get down on her, he would start sucking gently on her clit.'.
Kat Jackson [M] has used '/Me Would let out soft and short moans'.

*** [5'9|Thick, dirty-blon...] couldn't help but to flash a smirk at her sister. Her hips ever-so lovingly swaying with a sly smile, and her eyes set constantly on Georgina, "So!" she cooed, her body eventually ceasing its incessant swaying to stand just infront of her. Then... zip! Muffin zipped herself forward, her dainty, precise fingers sure to wrap around Cookie's taut, little waist... her lips, previously curled into a smirk, had forcefully curled themselves against Geogina's own. The tight grip across the woman's nice, little harness providing a certain... passion to their embrace. All the while, her generally... unimpressive, although defined breasts furled their soft, warm flesh against Cookie's own.

Chloe Masters says "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuck!"
Chloe Masters says "Yeeeeees!"
**Tomas Eriksson would insert his finger into her asshole pushing it in and out giving more pleasure to her
**Chloe Masters Has a dazed look on her face and she starts to feel weak
**Chloe Masters slows down her twerking
**Tomas Eriksson would still be thrusting in ''Do you w-want me t-to slow d-down?''
Chloe Masters yells "Fu-u-uck me faster!"
**Tomas Eriksson would take out his finger from her asshole putting both his hand on top of her ass thrusting as fast as he can making loud clapping and slippery noises
Tomas Eriksson yells "O-Oh god i'm going to c-cum again.."
Chloe Masters yells "Fi-i-ill My tight little pussy Ah ah ah ah ah!"

[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: Hehe~.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: *Pants out softly..*
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: Are-are we doing this?
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: Depends.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: *Looks up with those ice-blue husky eyes~<3?*
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: Oh yeah. were doing this
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: Mnnrrr~
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: *He looks back down at the dog, running his hand up her back, to her head, as he sits down in front of her, his now rock hard cock sticking in the air, as he'd lift her up, to sit on his lap facing him, in front of his dick, a wild look in his eyes.
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: // Aggh, respond, driving me crazzy...
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // :3
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // One sec.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: *The dog panted, as it's nostrils filled with the must of his shaft. She was in heat, too. Her tail began to wag, and her breathing became mildly erradic. Her swollen vulva pressed against his leg..*
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: *He Reaches under her, lifting her off his lap via her hind legs, and sitting her onto his cock, pressing into her cunt, as he repositions his left hand under her tail, touching her asshole, as he supports her weight, and his right on her back.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: *The dog's tail stiffened at the touch of her tailhole. Giving off a confused yip. It's walls were tight and warm. Almost like silk. Some of her veins were more prominent (Likely due to horomones.), pressing up against the ridges and tip of his cock..*
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: *He'd look up at the cieling, biting his lower lip in pleasure, as he slides his circumsized nine inches deeper into her, pressing her into his chest, as he pops the tip of his middle finger inside of her ass, exploring her foreign guts.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: *The dog gave off a gentle yip at the sudden intrusion of her butt, but soon settled back down. Giving off pants still. Her walls constricted even further..*
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: *He slides more of his cock inside of her, letting her naturally smaller pussy adjust to his size, as he pops his finger back out of her asshole, and takes his hand away, letting her slide down fully to his base, as he runs his tongue from her fuzzy neck up under her chin, to the tip of her snout.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: *The dog gave him a soft lick as he was at her snout. Panting out, her hips gave a gentle sway. Seeming to ask for movement..*
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: *He'd lean her into his chest again, supporting her ass as well, as he stands up, thrusting inside her slowly, but all the way in each time, getting a bit faster, breathing heavily.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: *It's walls constricted around his cock again, this time, almost to milk him. The odd part is that her cervix (Which, in dogs, is further back (Meant to catch the knot.) is tightened up. Obviously, he didn't have a knot, but every time his tip would pass by it, it'd tighten around it..*
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: He thrusts inside of her faster, breathing more heavily, trying to keep himself in her in a way that his tip constantly has contact with her cervix, staying deep in her.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // Not further back, sorry.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // Further FORWARDS
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // As in, closer to the entrance.
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: // OH
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // It's meant to catch the knot so that the male's semen has time to get into the womb.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // Uterus.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // watevs.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // I'm too tired to really do anything
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: // Huh, not familliar with dog anatomy...
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // Atleast I think.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // Let me check
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // http://cf.ltkcdn.net/dogs/images/std/149063-300x233-dog-female-light.jpg
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: // See where the Cervix is?
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: Ohhh...
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: *Jams his cock, in and out of the dog, pounding it hard, as he stops, grinding himself around deep inside of her, pushing in as far as he can go.
[Aeternus] Bourneco, MD.: *The dog gave off a howl. Weather it was out of pleasure or pain was to be left unknown, but it didn't struggle, so it's safe to assume 'pleasure'. Or.. whatever pleasure a canine can feel. The husky's walls constricted even further, causing a vacuum seal to form. Not permanent, and he could still move, but it made him slow down his movements..*
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: *He can't really take much more of this, as he shoots his load into her, biting his bottom lip, as he rolls his eyes back into his head.
Narco-Soldier Drug-Merc 666: // Wow, I just blew the biggest load, time to smoke a cigarette.

*** [[AEGIS armband] A man...] would cum in the vagina of Natasha in a long moan...
IrishBeggar: wtf
Andy.Bᅚ: *** Natasha 'Rodina' Volkova she pulls out his D and lays down nerby him very deeply brething

*** 'Blaze' would cum in the vagina of Natasha in a long moan...
*** Natasha 'Rodina' Volkova she pulls out his D and lays down nerby him very deeply brething.

*** [Female|Malnourished|A...] enters the room while taking a puff of a joint she got from SOME ONE. Also, her boobs bounce because that's how they do.
[A Tall Female With Sh...] says "When i was 16.....my uncle....."
*** [A Tall Female With Sh...] starts to cry.
Frank 'Fourteen' Schmid says "Your uncle cried?"
Josh Barrett says "Unfortunate. What happened to him? Why was he crying."
*** [A Tall Female With Sh...] looks up, tears in her eyes "N-No...He raped me..."
Josh Barrett says "Classic lies."
Frank 'Fourteen' Schmid says "In wrapping paper?"
Frank 'Fourteen' Schmid says "Who's christmas gift were you?"
Josh Barrett says "It's not safe, wrapping paper can restrict your oesophagus."
*** [A Tall Female With Sh...] starts to cry even more and she says "No! He raped by ass!"
Josh Barrett says "He wrapped your bottom?"
Frank 'Fourteen' Schmid says "You had a donkey?"
Frank 'Fourteen' Schmid says "You shouldn't wrap animals."
Frank 'Fourteen' Schmid says "Who'd he ev

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