Mad by Daylight
Aegon Targaryen   Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
**When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives**

[Gaming History]

- 1.9k Hours of CS:GO total
- ~2k Hours of CS:S total
- ~500 Hours of CS 1.6 total

League experience

- FaceIt
- 4PL

[My current rank]

- Global Elite // B00STED

[About me]

- 22 yo
- English and German speaking
- Online every day between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m.
- Favorite Gun: AK-47, P250 & Rekt9
- Role: Rifler / Lurker


Palit SuperJetstream GTX1070
16 GB Crucial DDR4 RAM
1000GB HDD

Razer Deathadder
Razer Speed
Steelseries 6gv2
Currently Online
1 game ban on record | Info
2 day(s) since last ban
Artwork Showcase
Ela by snaws
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normie alert
cRyss' ♥ Feb 19 @ 11:42am 
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G.R.AI.N Dec 11, 2017 @ 10:01am 
-Rep After a good game in csgo, i added him because he seemed like a cool guy. We got chatting, over the next couple of months we became good friends. Lots of banter, lots of great CS and most importantly true friendship.
I invited him to my house for a csgo lan party. He said he was coming so i was looking forward to meeting him in real life.
When he arrived at my house, he pushed me against the wall and started nibbling my ear, i felt his hard cock push against my leg. I punched him and then 1 tapped him. Turns out he was gay. Don't trust this guy
AlexThaThug | Real OG Nov 13, 2017 @ 8:53am 
Seems like u play siege, it would be great if we'll play together a bit..:CunningPepe:
cRyss' ♥ Nov 10, 2017 @ 11:42am 
How much skill do you have?

Superperforator Sep 24, 2017 @ 12:27pm 
Valar Morgulis