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:Lacerator:That Clasé for your wife , that hookah for your wife (pu-ssy)
I'm Slaughter Gang, pus-sy, you know I brought my knife
He was talkin' gangster , we caught him at a light (pu-ssy)
I let my young ni-g-ga do it, it was free, he wanted a stripe (on God)
Havin' my way with the cheese, I'm in the den with the thieves (on God)
I know that she ratchet, I could tell by the way that she wearin' her weave
Smokin' on zaza, this sh-i-t came out the garden with Adam and Eve
Chopper go fow-fow, shoot up your pow-wow, ni-g-gas tryna make y'all bleed
Got out of line, spanked that baby, we had to rock him to sleep (pu-ssy)
Is it a issue? Keep me a pistol, I ain't finna diss you (pu-ssy)
All that pillow talk, I'ma have to send The Boogeyman to come get you
Chain hang low like a yo-yo, your bit ch ridin' di-c-k like pogo:M3:
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