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So after I bet every single achievement in this game, I think it's time to review this game.
In short- A great game, for expert colony sim gamers.
The graphic is a bit simple, but still very good and in high quality(And still, not the best quality).
The music is nice, and the voice notification is the best I ever sew in colony sims(Helps so much during this intense game).
And now about the main part, the gameplay:
The whole concept of the game is the cliffs, you need to build your cities(yes, cities, more than one) on small cliffs, which means you need to plan exactly what to build, where, and even which building you demolish to replace it with.In other games in this genre, building space is not something you think about at all, you got huge building space-but not in cliff empire.
Moreover, in other colony sims, money is not very important(if exist), and used mostly to get resources from outside. in cliff empire, every single building cost you some money(in game money OC), beside building materials, and each city has it own amount of cash.
In every colony sim, all your productions working as a one system, and if one thing is failing, the chain reaction will be harsh. In cliff empire, it works the same, BUT, the chain reaction will accrue much faster, in a matter of minutes or even less.
Last thing to point. In cliff empire, there are only 3 different starting point(Excluding mods). Sandbox, casual, and tower defense. Of course you can change the game rules for each mode a bit, but still, after you beat the casual or the tower defense modes, that's it.
All of those make it a masterpiece(to my opinion), and a truly challenging colony sim. Once again, I recommend this game, but not for new gamers in this genre
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My favorite Colony sim
The graphic is good, but not the best. Soundtrack is nice,
The gameplay is ideal for new gamers of the genre, thanks to the custom game difficulty("Game rules).
Also great for experienced players of the genre,
Lots of different resources and mechanics which make it bit complex.
A few factors for the beginning of each save(Sponsor, location. etc.), make every save almost totally different from your previous one, therefore, you can play it again and again.