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:csgostar: Name - Rorie
:csgostar: Age - 18
:csgostar: Country - United Kingdom
:csgostar: Gender - Male
:csgostar: How long have I played PC - 13 years, Multiple accounts I forgot the password to xD
:csgostar: I have multiple CS Accounts <3
:csgostar: What do i see in my future - I dunno xD
:csgostar: Do I believe in love - Hell nah been fucked around to many times xD
:csgostar: Favourite music - Emotional Rap
:csgostar: Rappers I like - Witt lowry, Sik world, NF, Ivan B, ETC

:csgostar: CSGO - Settings

:csgostar: Mouse DPI - 400
:csgostar: Ingame Sens - 1.8

:csgostar: Resolution - 1280x960
:csgostar: Aspect Ration - 4:3
:csgostar: Settings - Low/Medium

:csgostar: Crosshair:
:csgostar: cl_crosshairsize 1
:csgostar: cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1
:csgostar: cl_crosshairthickness 0.5
:csgostar: cl_crosshairgap -2
:csgostar: cl_crosshairalpha 255
:csgostar: cl_crosshairdot 0

:csgostar: First csgo rank - DMG
:csgostar: Rank now - The Global Elite (This account)
:csgostar: Highest rank - The Global Elite

:csgostar: CSGO Knife History:
:csgostar: Gut knife boreal forest - MW
:csgostar: Huntsman knife Night - FT
:csgostar: Butterfly knife scorched - MW
:csgostar: Buttferfly knife crimson web - FT
:csgostar: Gut knife fade - FN
:csgostar: Bayonet night - MW
:csgostar: Huntsman knife slaughter - FT
:csgostar: M9 Bayonet fade - FN
:csgostar: Gut knife doppler - FN
:csgostar: Karambit case hardend - WW
:csgostar: M9 Bayonet doppler - FN
:csgostar: Bayonet fade - FN

:csgostar: Mouse - Razer Deathadder Chroma
:csgostar: Monitors - I have 2 the same ones BenQ 144hz
:csgostar: Keyboard - Razer Blackwidow 2016
:csgostar: Headset - Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma
:csgostar: Mousepad - Steelseries

:csgostar: PC Specs: just shit dont ask

:csgostar: Games I play
:csgostar: Counter-Strike Global Offensive
:csgostar: League of Legends (Now and then)
:csgostar: Player Unkowns Battlegrounds (When i can be arsed play it)
:csgostar: VRChat cause its fucking hilarious and actually enjoy meeting new people ^^

:csgostar: Instagram if anyone is interested -
:csgostar: Want my SC - you'll need message me and ill decide if i should give it you or not :)

:csgostar: If anyone even reads this Peace!! =)

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