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Barry!.... Where's Barry! They Hate us, cause they Anus...

I enjoy reviewing games I like, if you'd like me to review your game let me know.. I won't give a positive review for a key, but if I like the game I'll certainly review it :-D.

If you want to add me for playing some games great, I'd love to meet some like minded gamers who can make my co-op games that much more fun. Kind of sucks owning all these games and having nobody to play them with...

Here goes my steamtrade profile, if we make a trade, please remember to leave positive feedback. As I always do whenever a complete trade happens.

Below will be my updated trade topic from steam trades. Please don't beg for stuff, I won't give you anything for free. Thank you

I love to trade with new people and old people, although some things are a bit annoying I'll list them below..

"Can you give me something for free"..... No unfortunately I can't give you anything for free. Asking me for anything free will always end with me saying no.. It could also end with me removing and blocking you, depending on how long we've been friends and if we've had any interactions with each other..

"That was a bundle game?"..... I know it was, I will never hide the fact I got it from a bundle, but as the bundle is no longer for sale the games value isn't hindered by it.

"So and So trader has that item for less".... I understand and try to use many methods to determine the prices of my games, if someone else is offering it for cheaper I won't match their price. I do offer discounts on multiple purchases though.

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I'm thinkning something was wrong with my game.. when I started the game up a guy named Ryan was playing Guitar... with Ken sitting not too far from him.. When I had Barbie talk to Ken she did her whole your the best boyfriend in the world kick, but when I had her talk to Ryan he made it pretty clear he had eyes for Barbie...

After a few minutes of wandering around I noticed Ryan stand up and proceed to beat Ken to death, he eventually stopped long enough to give Barbie a long peck on the cheek and tell her things were going to be different..

I tried to contact the developers to ask them why Ryan would attack Ken but my emails have gone unanswered... I can't even start the game up because that blood thirsty Ryan continually kills ken. This is so redunkulous, I don't even know what to do.. I never thought a Barbie game could be so bloody... well when it wasn't that time of the month..

With that said, you should totally buy Barbie's dreamhouse, it's probably one of the top 10 games of our generation.. You have Barbie and all her totally awesome friends, inside her amazing Dreamhouse, it even comes complete with that Silly Robot everyone loved from that 80's movie Flight of the Navigator... he's all dolled up in Pink so keep your eyes peeled or you'll totally miss him like I almost did..

The dreamhouse isn't all about dating and stuff,,, you totally get to play a bunch of really awesome games... like finding the hidden shoes, and dress up the pony and all the other really fun games that teenage boys will love... In fact if you have a teenage son you should buy him this game..

Install it and let it run for hours on end... he'll love it... I gotta go, Ryan is telling me it's time to bash Ken's skull in one more again...
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The follow up to Arkham Asylum, and like any great comic book sequel, Arkham City doesn't fail to disappoint. Proving that more of a good thing can make that thing great. The amazing fight system which was implemented in the first game is back, with enough Subtle improvements to make the worlds greatest detective grin.

The story line again reads like something ripped from a comic book and brought to life for me and my fellow gamers to enjoy. Doctor Hugo Strange who mysteriously vanished years before after finding out Batman's real identity is back, and he's running Arkham City, a high tech prison designed to replace Black Gate prison as the home to Gotham's most dangerous and insane inmates. Strange has plans to enact something known as protocol 10, and as a start to his plan he captures Bruce Wayne and warns him against trying to stop his plan.

Obviously Batman will not, and can not allow this dastardly to succeed, after a thrilling escape from Custody and a run in with Penguin you're off and running on a wonderful comic adventure to stop protocol 10, stop Hugo Strange from revealing your true identity and hopefully figure out the mystery of what ties all these events together.

I'd recommend this game to people who love super hero games that don't suck, people who love beat em up's and people who love being the greatest Dectective of all time in one of the greatest super hero video games ever made. Did I mention you get to play as Catwoman...
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