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Yuki   Osaka, Japan
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Here a music that gives motivation and hope
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Hi, Im a nice person feel free to add me :fengyi:
:Karaboom:My name is: Yuki:pgms_2_yuno:
:Karaboom:Live:Japan :worldwin:
:Karaboom:Language:English, japanese :haiyin:
:Karaboom:Personality:Nice, generous, (you to judge don't be meanie, or you can hurt my feelings):sihCry:
:Karaboom:Like:Animes, Mangas and much more!:unlimitedpower:
If you're having issues with you're feelings you can talk to me:griselda:
I'm nice but if you're mean to me i'll try to be nice but i can be mean too!:fairywinner:

Feel free to leave a comment down below :P

Music is one of the most important things in my life.

Phrases, My Perspective Of Life

:Karaboom:If i had my last words, it would be "i'm finally over all my pain"~

:Karaboom:Anybody can change, just give them the chance.

:Karaboom:Anyone could know just as not know how you feel, that's why you have to be brave enough to talk about it!

:Karaboom:What if that person is? Does it matter? What counts isn't their opinion about something or someone, it's who their truly are.

:Karaboom:It may seem everyone hates you and you're alone but somewhere in the world someone is by your side, living what you're going through, you shouldn't feel alone. Because you are connected, not through internet but by true feelings.

:Karaboom:Music is a consumption of life, it's what makes or gives feelings such as happiness, sadness, anger, emotional or anything else, it helps think through what were going through and feel less alone, THAT IS WHY, i'll never stop listening!

How to level up on steam

:Karaboom:Step 1:Add 5 or more $£ (any currency)
:Karaboom:Step 2:Get games (you can get free keys on internet)
:Karaboom:Step 3:Buy all cards of that game (on market)
:Karaboom:Step 4:Use Idle master (look on internet)
:Karaboom:Step 5:Craft badge (press on your username and press badge)
:Karaboom:Step 6:Choose between Pay or Free / Step 3 or Step 4
:Karaboom:Step 7:Repeat same process
:Karaboom:Step 8:Complete!

Recommended Musics

:Karaboom:TrapNation great beat and awesome moving backround
check out his music

:Karaboom: My favorite of all! Feint great backround and very nostalgia
check out his music

:Karaboom:TheFatRat aweseome beat and great backround
check out his music

:Karaboom:NoCopyRightSounds Very cool beats!!(visible) and good backround
check out his music

:Karaboom:Blackmill touch you deep with super nice beats and beautiful background
check out his music

:Karaboom:Monstercat cool audio graph and amazing drops
check out his music

:Karaboom:Recommended musics [My Opinion]: Feint Lift - Feint Freefall - Feint Clockworks Hearts - Feint - New Beginnings (VIP) - TheFatRat - Fly Away feat. Anjulie - TheFatRat Monody - TheFatRat Unity - TheFatRat Time lapse - Alan Walker Fade - Alan Walker Spectre - Alan Walker Force - Alan Walker Alone - TheFatRat Xenogenesis - Mssingno XE3 (Whethan Turn) - Still Young Midnight (Party Thieves Remix) - Zelda Song of Storms (Deon Custom Remix) - Jon Bellion - All Time Low (BOXINLION Remix) - Blackmill Miracle - Blackmill Spirit of Life - Blackmill Lucid Truth - Blackmill Feat. Veela Let It Be - Melano Don't fight it - Tristam & Braken Flight - Aero Chord Surface - Subtact Call Me

:Karaboom:Bonus: Doxx & Feint Mind In Motion (Clip) - Feint Past Futures - Feint Tower Of Heaven (You Are Slaves) - Feint From Butterflies To Hurricanes - Feint Slip Away - Feint Unwanted :( - Feint Creed - Feint Ripped Up/Torn Down - Feint That Makes One - Feint Wishful Thinking - Feint Paradise (VIP) - Palshu Home - OVERWERK Canon - Feint We Won't Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm) - Feint Vagrant (feat. Veela)
Feint Signs - Feint One last time - Feint Sleepless - Feint Reprise - Feint Sunset (Original Mix) - Feint Time Like These - Feint Always Here - Feint No Chance - Feint A Moment In The Life Of... - Feint One Thousand Dreams - Feint The Journey ft. Veela - Feint 161914 - Feint Those Eyes - Feint Stray
1-Hour Anime Mix - Most Epic & Powerful - Best Of Anime Soundtracks<--- Hear Now

:Karaboom:Gets UPDATED every so often, feel free to check it out :)

:steamhappy::Corpus:Hope you enjoyed reading,Thanks For Stopping By!:Corpus::steamhappy:
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