Siren heavy
Deul siljang, Average soft lamp enjoyer, 𝙊𝙊𝙈𝙄   Korea, Republic of
GAWD damn it, leave a reason before adding me.

I'm a source artist, do Splatoon stuffs mostly.
Oh, you want to add me? That's nice... but you'd have you leave a comment with a proper reasoning. Don't friend request me for silly reasons like: "Wants to play games with each other" or "Friendly guy, let's be friend". Otherwise you'll be ignored or even get blocked. I'm tired of you, weirdos.

Also, i uploads most of my posters on Deviant art now so the link will be here to check it out:
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just a dupe version of that demoman with gun says "DELETE THIS." do it whatever with this and share it here
** GLOWING EYES ARE NOT INCLUDED ** glowing eye used:
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Created by - Siren heavy
bbexo Oct 21 @ 6:15pm 
is ok, not everyone can be as goated as me, nerd
Siren heavy Oct 20 @ 11:43pm 
uwu didn't asked, +ratio'd
bbexo Oct 20 @ 8:44pm 
not to flex or anything, but i got the "yes, i am the real garry" achievement owo
Noetoto_2 Oct 9 @ 9:28pm 
Yo it's Noetoto from David's gmod discord. I have come to give Toe pics
Siren heavy Oct 9 @ 5:38am 
K, have you heard of a soft lamp, dude. also, you can add me, i'll accept it.
Clone_Wars Oct 9 @ 4:16am 
I would like to be friends with you. Because you're a very talented artist in Gmod and I would like to know how you make your artwork look very great.