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Guess who's back, boys and girls: your favorite one-of-a-kind, unforgettable, arrogant Internet-roamer Leon, also known as Small Asian Girl or One True Maverick for the older folks. :lunar2019piginablanket:

no i'm not gonna start playing tf2 again

"Giving in is what kills people. When you refuse to surrender with all your heart, only then you transcend your humanity. That is the strength of our master."
An elegy, for those never to be forgotten...
The Autism Crusaders:
A paramilitary group which manifested from the remains of its predecessor, Ninja $ex Party. Stronger than they'd ever been, they embarked on a journey the likes of which had never been witnessed before. They humiliated tryhards and wannabe tough guys, foiled the plans of edgelords and power-hungry succubi, and at times fought valiantly against all odds through what would later become known as the Aut. Crusaders Spec Ops™, all with nothing but a few brain cells to their names each. No e-thot, trap or sexually frustrated subhuman was safe from their crusade.

But all that is good comes to an end eventually. For after their victories in the great Mparmpouni Revolution against Bob7 and soon after against the guerillas of Greek Omega Force (a matriarchal, oligarchical movement which spited the Crusaders since their N$P days), the party gradually grew meeker with every fight. Some chose blissful ignorance, the easy way out, whilst others were forced to taste the red pill. For a few, that pill turned hopelessly bleak. Let the world never forget of our shitposts, and us never forget of the good times we had. And from the Constitutional Empire of Greek Kabouri Chuchuni Sapouni Sakouli Mparmpouni Gourouni Zouzouni Krouni Uni to the microstate of cp_orange, may the legend of our legacy continue to spread...
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