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About me.

Garry's Mod
I have been playing Garry's Mod for a long time. I got the game early 2013, and have played it ever since. I mainly play on roleplay servers, and have collected around 1500 hours altogether on them, and this will continue going up as I discover new game-modes that I like the look of. If you need any help regarding the game, or would like a server to play on, feel free to add me.

Staff Experiences
I have been a staff member on multiple servers, here are the servers that I have been staff on:
Prime Nation - Moderator - Resigned due to the server moving to PrisonRP
Hyperspace Gaming - Morderator - Server shut down
Alliance Gaming - Moderator - Resigned
FibreRP - Admin - Kicked due to inactivity
SparkRP - SuperAdmin - Current
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