Oliver A. Ladefoged   Denmark
The myth, the legend!

Please make sure to read below!

Name: Oliver A. Ladefoged
Age & Birthday: 17 - 11th of April
Hobbies: Gaming, working outdoors and chatting

Due to way Steam decided to
ruin the new chat system, I rarely
use it since it always tends to bug.

Though I will use Steam to chat, I highly
recommend you add me on my Discord
just in case I won't answer your Steam
messages for the reason stated above.

Discord: Original#6881

Everyone is free to add me.

The profile pictures that I use, screenshots and artwork
that I post is all by me. I will never post content
of someone else on my profile.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:43886231
SteamIID3: [U:1:87772463]
SteamID64: 76561198048038191

My profile was made September 3rd 2011
My profile is fully public
I'm super Original

That's all folks, remember to have fun and have a good day!
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Original 3 hours ago 
Hey Woter,

Thank you for the tips and the explanations on what they do and dont.

When I get the time I'll try and follow your instructions and well.. We'll see how it goes from there!

Many thanks :)
Woter Meron 3 hours ago 
For your question I saw on 1 of your gifs:
Truthfully you can't boost the quality beyond steams low level cap. But here are some things that might help.

-Start from the top and work your way down. Its better to start with the highest quality and fps your program has to offer and go from there than to just begin with the minimum already

-for long gifs you can remove evey 4th, 3th or even 2nd frame. It will harm your frames little but will reduce your amount of bites drasticly. Wich you can than put into better quality

-add 5% fuss. Adding fuss does sound like its gonne ruining your quality but 5-10% is nothing. But it will again lower your amount of bites.

-never. Never! Upload an image of 1MB. yes, i know steam says it is the max but somehow it messes up there completly. Upload around 750 k. At max 850k.

Thats all for now, Hopes this will help.