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Lima   Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Ex-DK do Couto e Arredores. Pupil of the Water Jujitsu.
Apresentador do programa "Quem Quer Dar Uma Volta Pela Jana de Mão Dada Com o Jony?". Mais informações em

"O condado de Castela foi o primeiro castelo de D. Afonso Henriques" , PINHO, André, 2020
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Welcome to my profile.
My name is Lima, but you can call me Gunner.
I've been playing video games for over 10 years now. I'm not a very competitive person when it comes to multiplayer games, and I usually like to play for the fun of it with friends. My heart will always be with the amazing singleplayer experiences I've had so far (and continue to have, every so often!). I started with racing, FPS and open-world games, and lately I've found a niche with RPG's and indie genre games.

Other Things!
I accept most friend requests (if, of course, you appear to have some time spent on your Steam account and profile - private accounts and smurfs don't fit in this). If you need to talk about a completely random subject, maybe share some thoughts, I'm always here for an opinion or a friendly word. However, I value respect above all else. Be fair, be respectful, and you'll find the same with me.
Thank you for your time, and have a nice day :steamhappy:

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Homefront: The Revolution
DiRT 3: Complete Edition
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
DiRT 4
Call of Duty: United Offensive
Medal of Honor: Airborne
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TL; DR: skip to "Overall" section

The Game

World In Conflict is an RTS set during the final stages of the Cold War, but instead of the Wall coming down and people embracing each other in a state of peace, the Wall comes down with a bunch of explosives and a desire for war on both ends.
As an RTS, it's actually quite simple: you don't have a resource meter like in Company of Heroes. You do have a certain number of points to call on units to the battlefield, so choose wisely. The units itself are rather simple: from infantry units to helicopters, you can choose your approach in whatever way suits you best. As for the missions, you have a set number of primary objectives to complete (or else you'll fail), and an additional number of secondary objectives (these usually reward medals and addtional units on the battlefield).

The Story

After peace talks break down, the army of the Soviet Union, under the command of Colonel Orlovsky, invades the West Berlin area under Allied control, sparking WWIII in Europe. As Germany turns into an authentic meat grinder, the storyline shifts into the US, where a Lieutenant Parker, under commands of Colonel Sawyer, is in charge of an evacuation of Seattle after freighters arrive secretly carrying an ever-growing Soviet force.
This is the beginning of the storyline of WiC. Over time, you'll be carried to different parts of USA, France, Germany, Norway and Russia, learning the story of characters from both sides of the Iron Curtain, and, like in most wars, you'll understand how both sides have good and evil in them.

Pros and Cons

- Well made missions with great content and around 8 objectives per mission ensure lots of hours of playtime
- Detailed units of both the USA/NATO forces and USSR forces, from the T-80 to the M1 Abrams. Even the Ekranoplane and the B2 stealth bomber make appearances!
- Air support menu ensures tactical advantage at the cost of points: use wisely.
- Reinforcement menu is simple and easy to use: no need for buildings or resources.
- Characters with great storyline background and voice-acting allows for a better immersion experience
- Want to blow up stuff with napalm, tactical nukes, white phosporus and incendiary bombs? This is for you then
- Easy to learn with a well comprehensive tutorial
- Runs on low-end computers

- Multiplayer is kind of dead ever since Massive Entertainment shut down their servers


This was the first RTS I've ever played, and I'm quite happy with that. If you're looking for a well-made, easy to learn and with a well-writen story, this is the strategy game for you. Afraid to try games like Men of War or Company of Heroes for the first time? Get World in Conflict. Men of War and Company of Heroes are the frontline RTS games: either you win or you're not good enough. World in Conflict is bootcamp: it's for you to learn and take your first steps in the RTS world.


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