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Protagonist: Nice m4 skin
Hymns For Disco: What are the last 2 syllables in that sentence
Protagonist: hold on a second

*DEAD* Kaiser Sauerkraut : Gottverdammt

Pootisborn : first off im 14 and second roblox is better

MANAGER@WORLDCLOWN.NET (1 hour ago): Certified clown, got votekicked twice by the circus

Zerastei: yu gi oh is only fun if youre some douchebag

SEX JOHNSON: honey you seem alright but you haven't asked any serious questions about the Revolver update

!Max! #scrap2unusual: finally useless mods

basic: that take was Hbomb hot

*DEAD* oianna : i am not joking i'm series

WhyIsChicken: ♥♥♥♥ this ♥♥♥♥. it better be possible to sue for minutes of my life wasted

chidanzhongxin: Where's the face of FcqqY1228?
chidanzhongxin: I was single killed?
FcqqY1228: Every stone man will be single killed?
FcqqY1228: Stone people are so rubbish?
FcqqY1228 ???
FcqqY1228 为什么啊?
FcqqY1228 Please teach me?
FcqqY1228 Dog barking?
FcqqY1228 Play a stone man
chidanzhongxin saw me being single killed there
FcqqY1228 can be such a waste! ?
FcqqY1228 first time seeing
chidanzhongxin, open your eyes yourself
chidanzhongxin I laughed
Chidanzhongxin was killed after catching the road
FcqqY1228 Such rubbish has a barking face?

"I don't want to say 'if you legitimately like this film you have a low IQ', but if you legitimately like this film you have a low IQ"- Mike Stoklasa, on Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

WhyIsChicken: dont talk to me or my me again

[Moderator]⠀gooby : gooby 4 admin
[Moderator]⠀gooby : 207
[Moderator] Protagonist: yes 207 AD the best year

Mute me idiot: just shut up you Chicken McNobody

WhyIsChicken: Miley Cyrex

August 15 2020 - 2000hours Team Fortress 2

if you're here, you're probably mad at video games
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[Trade Chat] huzum 2: i am needing tants and eny thing plz send me a trade for all or stuf


Skilbolt: My main is plat
taigatop: if thats plat gameplay yikes
rock waifu: either ur lying about being plat or this is a mod of r/jannamains
rock waifu: cause holy moly that darius

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Cyberpunk 2077
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