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Protagonist: Nice m4 skin
Hymns For Disco: What are the last 2 syllables in that sentence
Protagonist: 4skin
Protagonist: hold on a second

simosa| could you guys stop re-enacting hiroshima on the mic plz

[Moderator]⠀gooby : gooby 4 admin
[Moderator]⠀gooby : 207
[Moderator] Protagonist: yes 207 AD the best year

Cti: nuclear devastation of this variety hasn't been seen since the end of world war 2
Cti: goddamn

Mute : Shut up You Chicken McNobody

WhyIsChicken: "Miley Cyrex"

basic: SPEED IT UP

WhyIsChicken: dont talk to me or my nose again
WhyIsChicken: goyim

AYO: is there a solution for these people
Carl Sagan: Probably?
AYO: if it involves gas I approve wholeheartedly

WhyIsChicken: do the 100 floors challenge
Protagonist: what's that
WhyIsChicken: you live in an apartment right?

Moron moderator are you completely disabled ?
I am the guy who is lag-switching your server!

[Trade Chat] huzum 2: i am needing tants and eny thing plz send me a trade for all or stuf

WhyIsChicken: Is it possible to sue for minutes of my life wasted?

*DEAD* oianna : i am not joking i'm series


Zerastei : yu-gi-oh is only fun if you're some douche bag mexican

Skilbolt: My main is plat
taigatop: if thats plat gameplay yikes
rock waifu: either ur lying about being plat or this is a mod of r/jannamains
rock waifu: cause holy moly that darius

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Mr.Midnight Aug 2 @ 9:34pm 
Hey im just wandering do you know how to get to that like Resturaunt place in neon hights minecraft 2018
peping Jul 13 @ 8:17pm 
AP Biochemistry Jun 20 @ 2:09pm 
hey sexy :mkbear:
Protagonist May 19 @ 3:31pm 
8448, 4884, 4848, 8484, 8844, 4488 my man
Hymns For Disco May 19 @ 3:17pm 
Jiggly number fiend
basic Apr 9 @ 3:08pm 
this kid is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥