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Remember to have a great day and always smile throughout :)

New goals:
Get Strive day 1 and grind until I can say confidently im one of the best players around (giovanna main until Sin gets added)
Play a bit more with friends
Enjoy life as much as I can

Heres to you, for i know you'll always be there
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\thebestor Sep 25 @ 5:48pm 
KennyAtom Sep 24 @ 3:22pm 
+rep thank you for understanding
KennyAtom Sep 24 @ 3:08pm 
Sorry to bother you, but can you cancel my bid on the strange ks rocket launcher with pumpkin bombs auction? I found a better deal somewhere else, and my bid just isn't worth it anymore.

again, sorry for bothering you
spooki dixie normus Sep 12 @ 1:49pm 
sent a trade
florida man Sep 12 @ 1:36pm 
Added for a trade
bird mann Sep 7 @ 9:23am 
Hi! I added to discuss a trade with you! The offer i sent was to get your attention.