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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 21 @ 11:18pm

You'll Need More Than That, Mantis!

Destroy 1 000 enemies.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 12:03am

Getting Good At Breaking Things

Destroy 2 500 enemies.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 4:29am

A Really Nice Pat On Your Back

Destroy 10 000 enemies.
Unlocked Aug 21 @ 11:38pm

A Token Of Gratitude

Rescue 100 people.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:35am

Rescue Ranger

Rescue 500 people.
Unlocked Aug 21 @ 11:44pm

Medal Of Honor

Earn 10 medals.
Unlocked Aug 28 @ 7:39pm

Badge Of Military Merit

Earn 50 medals.
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 8:24pm

Gazing At The Stars

Save 20 000 stars in your bank.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 4:23am

Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That

Use 3 different power-ups in a single game.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:15am

They're No Good In Your Pocket

Save 5 power-ups at the end of the stage.
Unlocked Sep 4 @ 7:08pm

Unstoppable Grog

Ram through an enemy wave with your Energy Shield.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:58am

Heat Ray

Burn through 10 enemies with your Laser.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:53am

I'm Still Alive

Finish a stage with your health lower than 5%.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 12:17am

I've Got The Power

Use any 5 power-ups in a single game.
Unlocked Aug 21 @ 11:29pm

To Win The Tournament

Enter the tournament.
Unlocked Aug 21 @ 11:27pm

It Wasn't Me!

Destroy the lighthouse without touching it.
Unlocked Aug 23 @ 1:50am

Stellar Superstar

Collect all the stars from Stage 3.
Unlocked Aug 23 @ 2:36am

Against The Odds

Destroy all enemy towers on Stage 5.

I Kind Of Liked It Back There

Rescue 1 000 people.

Handsomely Rewarded

Collect 100 000 stars.

Yeah, I'll Have A Bag Of Those

Collect 200 000 stars.

Lord Of Destruction

Destroy at least 15 enemies with one Mega-Bomb.

Party Animal

Rescue your friends 20 times.

The Command Is In Your Debt

Rescue 5 VIPs.

House Of Cards

Find all the cards.

Cheater! Just Kidding, You're Cool!

Complete Stage 8 without using power-ups.

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