Ogawa Tomomi
Hyogo, Japan

P.S: This isnt an offical profile. It is just fanbased.

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naaaaa :3
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Information About Me
Just a guy he belives world peace and power of science and art and hates primitive people.
I am interesting playing games, listen music , watch animes, read books about science sometimes I will watch series and read mangas.
I play games with THE WROST system ever. If you add me I will be happy! :ghlol:



:trebleclef: Scandal

:trebleclef: Girls Dead Monster

:trebleclef: Steropony

:trebleclef: Band Maid

:trebleclef: Mary"s Blood

:trebleclef: Aya Hirano

:trebleclef: Egoist and Supercell

:trebleclef: Some anime opening, ost and ending sounds ( etc : songs in Devil May Cry)


:summerskull: Guns n Roses

:summerskull: Slash

:summerskull: Nirvana

:summerskull:Nightcore mix songs (NightcoreReality is my favorite channel in youtube, Check it !)

:summerskull: AC/DC

:summerskull: Metallica

:summerskull: Eric Clapton

:summerskull: Scorpions

:summerskull: Black Sabbath

:summerskull: Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

:summerskull: Bon Jovi

Favorite Animes

:Amane: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/grumtaku

Non-steam Games

:meatboy: Warcraft 3 ( DotA and story)

:meatboy: World of Warcraft

:meatboy: Assasin Creed 4 Black Flag

:meatboy: Farcry 3

:meatboy: Hearthstone

:Ageha: My Girlfriend Is A President

:Ageha: Tenshin Ranman: Lucky or Unlucky?

:Ageha: Osu!


:smile:How I Met Your Mother


:blissful_creep: I am playing with the worst system ever. I take bluescreen 50 times per day. I took 7 day comperative cooldown cause of that 6 times ! :madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf::madelf:

Good pieces from my system

:happy_creep: Razer Deathadder Chroma

:happy_creep: Sennheiser HD 205 DJ

:happy_creep: Steelseries Apex Raw

Favorite writer

:vlad: Omar Hayyam

Favorite Books

:gasgiant: A Brief History of Time / Stephen Hawking

:gasgiant: Physics of the Future / Michio Kaku

:gasgiant: Physics of the Impossible / Michio Kaku

:gasgiant: Rubais / Omar Hayyam

Favorite Manga

:SleepySion: Angel Beats: Knocking on Heavens Door ( :SleepySion: she is actually kanade :3)
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