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I am Offline.
I love editing my profile, please revel in my work.

"Procrastination is like masturbation. Either way, you're screwing yourself."

A little about me:
I played Runescape
My brother showed me TF2
I was F2P and enjoyed playing TF2
I said I'll never be a trader
I became a trader
I see weeaboos in TF2
I said I'll never be a weeaboo
I became a weeaboo

I'm not good at TF2, but I love TF2.
I play trade servers and Mann vs. Machine.

Aycerus Trade/Fun Server
My first true love. We used to call the name ironic because no one trades and it was barely fun (unless you were an asshole, which I am).
I got permanent banned and came back.
I got voted #1 faggot.
I made friends that I never talk to again.
I made enemies that still recognize my name.
I made bad habits that I can never recover from.
I will never forget you, Aycerus.

Mann vs. Machine
After the shutdown of Aycerus, my heart was craving a new love.
I tried Casual and had a good time.
I always had an interest in MvM, so I asked my brother.
My brother taught me everything I know.
I tried MvM and I can never go back.
I vowed never to become a toxic MvM asshole.
I became a toxic MvM asshole.
Die all pyros.
The Pitiful Life of a Pitiful Person
I go by Offline. I like to play video games.

Links I care deeply for: Profile:
RuneScape HiScores:
Pastebin: - I "wrote" hentais, please read them
Pokemon Breeding Spreadsheet:

Timecards solely for the purpose of showing off
Runescape: 10 years, 7,500+ hours, 12-16 hours each day in the summer
Pokemon Ruby: 999:99+ hours
Pokemon Diamond: 551 hours, Complete PokeDex
Pokemon HeartGold: 393 hours, Complete PokeDex, first legit Shiny
Pokemon White: 155 hours
Pokemon Y: 1,650+ hours, Complete PokeDex, 50+ legit Shinies
Pokemon Omega Ruby: 95 hours
Pokemon Sun: 550+ hours
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS: 1,000 hours
- Just the 3DS version. My WiiU is in my living room, but my computer and DS are in my room.

Dumb Accomplishments
Muted 29 times in Runescape
Kicked from 7 clans in Runescape, including the top three largest F2P-only clans
Maxed F2P Runescape account along with two 120 stats, #68 (9/9/2019) of the F2Ps
Permanently banned from a trade server in TF2 and came back through appeal
Self-proclaimed MvM God and toxic asshole
Created a bind that turns my keyboard into multiple keyboards for binds
#1 rank in a Freak Fortress 2 server before it went down
Made a business selling anime/hentai Conscientious Objectors
2 TB of Anime on my EHD (not including manga, hentai, hentai manga, games)
"Wrote" three "hentais" during a road trip on my phone
Pokemon Breedable Collection of over 400 Pokemon

Highlights of my TF2 Collection
4 Collector's Conscientious Objectors
4 Strange Factory New Unusual Rocket Launchers
6 of 6 Elite Grade Strange Factory New Rocket Launchers
9 of 9 Elite Grade Strange Factory New Pre-War Paint Skins

My life story is my gaming history because I pretty much wasted my life on a couple of video games. I don't have much else to write about.

- 20xx didn't play anything except for some Pokemon games
- 2007, a cousin shows me Runescape and I'm completely addicted
- Crank Dat was the thing during the time so of course my username is Souljaboi265
- 5th grade 2008, we get a Wii
- Manual says that it is recommended to take periodic breaks
- So my mom enforces that we take a 15 minute break every 1 hour
- One minigame I play requires full and intensive attention and has a penalty of leaving mid-game
- I play this game a lot
- As a result I don't take breaks most of the time and I just ignore them
- Mom gets mad that I don't and starts turning off the internet by shutting off the router
- Mom also turns off internet at night so I can't play all night
- Router is upstairs and I'm downstairs so I can't just go and turn it back on whenever I want
- Can't play Runescape without internet
- Still same life, play Runescape until she turns it off, wait 15 minutes and turn it back on
- Have nothing to do at night except sulk over the lack of Runescape
- Summer 2012, brother introduces me to Team Fortress 2
- I can play TF2 at night without internet
- Fighting bots was fun so I try my skills online
- Too hard since I'm trash so I only play on achievement_idle, freak fortress, and a trade server named Aycerus
- Become obsessed with TF2 and stop playing Runescape for a bit
- Play TF2 for free and swear to never go to the dark side of paying for the game and trading
- It eventually happens
- Become a big time trader that ends up trading more than actually playing to get better
- Eventually become a top suggester on, I basically barely play TF2
- Notorious for raising the price of items I currently owned (like raising strange scatterguns while owning 35)
- Owned several monopolies on low tier stranges and botkillers and manipulated their prices
- Show off in Aycerus using my cosmetics
- Use cheap tactics like dead ringer spy, spawn camping, sniper door staring to kill people and hide my less than average skills
- People who I can't beat I trash them by calling them faggot and stupid weeaboo and ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Start making binds to spam
- Eventually find a way to potentially turn my entire keyboard into several keyboards dedicated to binds
- Eventually my keyboard has less game-function keys than keys that allow me to call you a gayass 10 year old at the press of a key
- By 2015, amass ~5,500 hours of TF2 (albeit most of it is standing in a trade server while trading and doing nothing)
- So in 3 years TF2 was open for a fifth of that time...
- Somewhere in this time, a regular (Twinny, never forget) becomes admin
- Somewhere in this time, I got permanently banned from Aycerus with a group dedicated to banning me and several others, came back with a "heart felt appeal" (also because it was a bullshit reason)
- Somewhere along the way, on Aycerus's decline, Twinny tells me she'd basically make me an admin even after my perm ban
- Summer 2014, my brother shows me a funny anime titty gif
- Lol so funny look at the bouncy titties on the short girl lol
- He tells me its anime
- Initially against the idea since I call people on TF2 stupid gay weeaboos all the time
- We both try the anime (Seitokai Yakuindomo)
- As soon as it starts there's some super super weeaboo intro
- I just look at him like "what the fuck is this"
- He shrugs and says "It's one of... those"
- We get through the first episode
- I like it
- He gives me some more episodes
- He only ever watches the first episode
- Meanwhile I watch the whole thing because it's hilarious
- Life at this point: Play TF2 until mom turns internet off and then rewatch Seitokai Yakuindomo
- Literally watch nothing but Seitokai Yakuindomo for 1-2 months
- Eventually try to look for another anime
- I try to find animes within the same genre, which would be lots of sex jokes and a harem of cute anime girls in a club with 1 guy
- Find a couple, the next 4 were Seitokai no Ichizon, Haganai, Baka Test, High School DxD
- So my brother turned me into a weeaboo and he doesn't even watch the shit
- After that it's just history, man
- Become a full fledged fucking weeaboo, the same that I so despised about 6 months ago
- Eventually watch so much anime that I stop playing TF2 because I can't do both
- Life at this point: Watch anime literally the whole day
- I vividly remember watching Madoka Magica and plotting out "Okay, if I can watch episodes 1-6 now, that means I'll finish 7-12 tomorrow, and have enough time to watch another full anime"
- Somewhere around 2015 I just go back to tf2
- Trading is gay so I basically just play for fun like I used to pledge to do
- Play only on Aycerus because I'm still bad at tf2 and its fun
- October 2015, find anime games on Steam
- Become a full steam weeaboo
- Now I can flex my weeaboo-ism and tf2 hours and wealth on steam
- Don't even play TF2 anymore, so much for 2+ years of trading and amassing a giant collection, am I right
- The computer chair I have isn't that comfortable, so just watching anime is kinda paining me, literally
- Realize that I can just multitask something while I watch anime
- Somewhere in 2016, start playing Runescape again just to watch anime on the other half of the screen
- Spend days playing Runescape + watching anime and then switching to anime games when internet is off
- April 2016, I brought my laptop to my friend's dorm

Oh no! You've reached the end of the story. But it's not the end of the story.
If you're interested, you can find the rest of the story on my pastebin, or on this link.
sitting in class waiting to go home and play anime games
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Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
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If it's not listed, it is not for sale.
Well, you can try.

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Rest in peace TF2Outpost - September 30, 2018.
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