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IIT Ropar Feb LAN 2020 - Finalist
ILG Lucknow Dec LAN 2019 - Winner
DH Delhi 2019 CS 1.6 LAN - Winner
Gamer's Lounge online tourney - Semi-Finalist
Chitkara Univ LAN 2019 - Winner
ILG Jaipur August LAN - Finalist
ILG Lucknow July LAN - Finalist
ILG Lucknow 1v1 - Winner
F-tech comp./Games n Comps 1v1 Chandigarh- Winner
MSI 1v1 Chandigarh - Winner
CSI LAN 2019 - Winner
Igs 2019 Aorus 1v1 - Finalist
CGC Landran CS 1.6 LAN 2018 - Winner
IEL Chandigarh Univ 2018 - Winner
Animation Day Chandigarh Univ 2018 - Winner
IIT Ropar Oct LAN 2018 - Finalist
Chitkara Univ LAN 2018 - Winner
KPS LAN 2016 - Winner

So it all started back in 2003 ( as far as I can recall ) ... :

...When a boy of 3 came across his dad trying to teach him basics of operating a computer system. Probably not the best thing to start with , or guess he didn't realize what was coming his way , he thought starting with Video Games . Least to make the learning fun perhaps :steamhappy: ...

But things didn't pan out the "right way" and I got hooked onto the fascinating world that was in front of me and that's where my journey began with the game , quite unheard , a demo version of "Beetle Crazy Cup" . There were bunch of other 80s / 90s game as well , bundled along and collectively called , what used to be quite common back in the day "Shareware Discs" .

I recall games like Bio Menace , Dave , Contra , Mario , POP 1987 , Wolfenstein-3D , Pac-man, Glimpses of Half-Life (I'll explain it later) etc. having fond memories with them , with not so computer enthusiast mom trying to put in some commands in the command prompt of DOS to run these titles. Yes mates ! DOS in 2003 when the world was moving on with windows XP and 95 , 98 were still okay-ish and a common sight across limited number of PCs across the Indian households and other places. And it continued on and off up until 2007 for some strange reasons - ' probably economical ' , because I was a constant menace , deleting computer drivers etc. and apparently the root cause for hampering the computer for 'playing games excessively' XD - the one thing that still bothers and boggles me when I sit down to retrospect occasionally that why did they think so !??? :steammocking: :steamhappy:

Also coming to the finances , Parents toiled hard to make the family of three's ends meet during initial days . So a PC with bare minimum ram , A pentium - II processor and 80 gigs of hard drive storage was obvious and quite fitting. And possibly here's why the actual on/off switching to DOS and XP was evident . During this time there were also subtle changes and explorations going on ...

We moved to different place near to our former stay in Delhi in 2004 , what is now the 'housing factory of Delhi - the NCR' XD ,due to my schooling and Dad's office. Things moved on and one day I came across a neighbor on the lower floor of a two-storey rented house . I was again mesmerized by the games that he was playing - " Monster truck Madness , Motorcross Madness and couple of other games " . What struck my attention was a 'shooting game' - as back in the day I used to yell about it , whenever I got a chance to respond to which game I want to play on any visit to a place which had a computer. This was around 2005 .

Things moved on I was still having curiosity and urge to play that 'shooting game' grew. Now probably at that time in 2005 I was told about it , the name and all , but it just got off my head. And then came the year of 2008 or 2010 when the memories of '05 were cherished and I got to know or recalled about the lovely (lacking words for it <3) game of 'Counter-Strike :2019love:' . This instance happened when we visited the former land lords ( more like "relatives" as the bonding was immense ) in Delhi and I got to hang out with my best buddy back then , the land lord's son who was actually way to elder than me. So the sheer and obvious bonding reason were 'Video Games' . Things moved on , and oh btw , I also came across games like Midtown Madness , Motorcross Madness , Quake II , Project IGI , Halo : CE (<3) , NFS : Undercover , Hot-Pursuit , Pro-street , Spider-man : Friend or foe , Gta Series ( Vice-city specially , which I actually cried about to run on my PC/netbook (2008-09) up until 2011 ) etc. which only were a sight on the covers of cheap pirated discs. Yes none of them ran except Spider-man , Midtown and Motorcross Madness and bunch of those previously mentioned old titles like Wolf-3D . I did get a PS2 on my birthday in 2009 , a 9'yo kid got fascinated by the gift of a 'supposedly close relative' , which for certain reasons my parents didn't approve of , because of some family tiff. I also did get a title, "the only title" for it 'Chicken little : Ace in Action' after much convincing and pestering my Dad. Later on I also got WWE : Raw Vs Smackdown 2011 , the last in the series to come on PS2. I remember turning my PS2 on for days cause I wasn't able to get my hands on a memory card !

In 2011 , I was super excited as the old computer was finally getting upgraded. But something was peculiar which didn't seem up until 2 more years to come ; the build was actually inappropriate and it seemed like a scam sort of... . Nevertheless , things moved on ahead and during this time 2010-2012 , few games like GTA:SA , NFS : MW , Condition-Zero , CS 1.6 , Desert Storm etc. were my get go favorites. Through this phase I was also curious to know about steam. I always used to wonder what t'was all about... sounding like a noob but there wasn't actually any exposure or that much of an awareness about gaming let alone e-sports in my vicinity. But I remember the chill non-steam CS 1.6 Lans we used to have in local cyber cafe's where it used to be like 12 y/o's screaming and yelling and the cafe guy trying to shush us up all the time XD .

Dad bought a laptop with Radeon graphics , it was cheap end one but ran most of the titles smoothly. I remember ordering and thereby purchasing my first ever genuine copy of a PC game , that I got in a physical disc format (man I just simply love having physical copies , the extra content that you get <3 , plus the box itself seems like an adding piece to an actual collection) . GTA:IV it was . And perhaps now I know why the ratings on games are actually a big deal :steammocking: ! Cause when I recall what a jerk I was back in the day ; not like something dastardly I used to do but in a nuanced way , (most of us are but its okay , it's a part of growing up :) ) , I do feel the ratings need to be adhered to :P :steamhappy: or at least there needs be that much maturity or open discussion so that we can take these games the way they are meant to be , not like something over hyped up or something that becomes a subject of secluded talks that we used to have with our friends.

Things went on and I was having my time with GTA : IV and a bunch of other games. Then came the year of 2013 , the time when I finally got on to steam ; explored a lot about it and tried my hands on the ever infamous Team Fortress 2 . I was always keen to know more about Half:Life , had heard a lot about it and the buzz surrounding it made me become a part of it's fandom. And then obviously I came across a shiny new 'Orange Box' being retailed in one of nearby stores for which I really whined about to my mom to get me one. Eventually I didn't get it from the retail store but got it ordered online and it felt like I'm on top of the world XD ! But the problem was , not that things were data

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