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:blueflare: Hey! I'm a simple and friendly gamer. I like many games, especially CS:GO. Trading is my hobbie and i do it since 2015. I appreciate polite and kind in people.

About Trading

:blueflare: If you want to trade with me you have to know that: i consider any trades you sent me! 😊Everything in my inventory is up for trade. You can be always feel free to send me an offer or just add me for chat about trade or ask something. I guarantee safe & friendly trading. Sometimes i can be busy because i'm studying, keep in mind that i'm not ignoring you.

Beware Scammers!

:blueflare: I don't have any other accounts on Steam/ Facebook/ Discord and other soical networks so i won’t add you from any other accounts. Beware peoples with same nickname and avatar - they are impersonators.

:redflare: If you are getting wrong or suspicious trade offer in confirmations on your phone then your account probably has been hacked and hackers got access to your account. Don't accept it becase then your skins will be gone to scammer's account. Please contact to steam support to resolve it or contact me, i will help to fix it asap. Peace! :redflare:
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whereisleegrigo27? 3 hours ago 
+rep worked out a nice and fair deal :D
Moalty Nov 24 @ 12:17am 
+rep nice and fair trader
Oliver dog Nov 22 @ 1:19am 
+rep very good trader with a good attitude
✪ ♕Ongo ✪ Nov 20 @ 12:55am 
+rep trusted person, best trader I've ever met <3
vexxe Nov 19 @ 12:10am 
+rep gave me info <3