Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway
Best hs% in your game.
Currently In-Game
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Specs and information
Mouse: CoolerMaster MM710
Mousepad: Zowie G-SR
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2
Monitor: AOC 24" LED G2460PQU (144 hertz)
Headset: Sennheiser G4ME ZERO

Currently playing CSGO for :
Role: Rifler/Lurker/++
CSGO settings:
Res: 4:3 800x600
DPI: 1000 (400 Mouse DPI*2.5 In game sens)
Polling rate: 500 hertz
Raw Input: On
Windows sens: 6/11
Crosshairs and settings:

My Config -

Video settings - everything low

Saturation: 100%

Links with me -

Launch Options!: +rate 786432 +cl_cmdrate 128 +cl_updaterate 128 -tickrate 128 +cl_interp_ratio 1 +cl_interp 0 -novid -no-browser -nojoy -nod3d9ex -freq 144 +snd_use_hrtf 1 +exec autoexec.cfg

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Pro CSGO players met in game:
RandomRambo - Killed (DM)
LDLC Amanek - Killed (dm)
North mertz - Killed (MM), He got rekt 16-5 gg m8!
JasonR - Killed (DM)
REASTEN - Killed (DM)
Astralis Kjaerbye - Killed (DM)
Alternate Attax Keev - Killed (DM)
BIG Gob B - Killed (dm)
Bpro NK4Y=DD - Killed (DM)
Bpro niki1 - Killed (DM)
Bpro psycho - Killed (DM)
CLG Cutler - Killed (DM)
Cloud9 Slemmy - Killed (DM)
Cloud9 Stewie2K - Killed (DM)
Cloud9 n0thing - Killed (DM)
compLexity Shinobi - Killed (DM)
compLexity Surreal^ - Killed (DM)
compLexity witmer - Killed (DM)
compLexity yay- Killed (DM)
deadweight - zEVES - Killed (DM)
Dignitas k0nfig - Killed (DM)
Echo Fox Roca - Killed (DM)
Echo Fox a2z - Killed (DM)
Echo Fox fREAKAZOiD - Killed (DM)
Echo Fox m0e - Killed (DM)
ENCE stonde - Killed (DM)
ENCE sunny - Killed (DM)
EMVY kennyS - Killed (DM + With AWP!)
ENVY devil - Killed (hsmod)
ENVY Happy - Killed (hsmod)
ENVY Apex - Killed (hsmod+killed with knife)
ESG! Skytten - Killed (HSMOD)
ex-Copenhagen Wolves HUNDEN (DM)
ex-SK valde - Killed (DM)
eXtatus DEV7L - Killed (hsmod)
ex6tence Snappi -SaiyajiN - Killed (DM)
FaZe Allu - Killed (DM)
FaZe Karrigan - Killed (DM+Knifed!)
Fnatic JW - Killed (DM)
KF synx - Killed (ESEA PUG killed with mag-7)
gBots fer - Killed (DM)
G2 SCREAM! (my fav player) - Killed (DM, Knifed + 1 Tapped)
G2 Shox (hsmod)
GODSENT pronax - Killed (DM)
GODSENT znajdzanity:v - Killed (DM)
Imperial pounh - Killed (DM)
Kaliber APE (DM)
LDLC ALEXdb - Killed (Pistol DM)
LDLC Ex6TenZ - Killed (DM)
LDLC BouLy - Killed (DM+knifed)
LDLC to1nou - Killed (DM)
LDLC Uzzziii;Ð (hsmod)
Liquid s1mple - Killed (dm)
Liquid adreN - Killed (DM)
Liquid EliGE - Killed (DM)
mouz NiKo - Killed (DM + Killed with Deagle)
mouz nex - Killed (DM)
mouz Spidii - Killed (DM)
mouz Denis - Killed (DM)
Na`Vi ceh9 - Killed (DM + Zeused)
Na`Vi Edward - Killed (DM)
Na`Vi Flamie - Killed (DM)
Na`Vi seized - Killed (DM)
Nemiga lollipop21k - Killed (DM)
Nordavind aNDz - Killed (DM)
NRG FugLy - Killed (DM)
NiP friberg - Killed (DM)
NiP Get_right - Killed (DM)
NiP f0rest - Killed (DM)
nVision KrowNii ^.^ (Played at ESL COLOGNE SHOWMATCH 2016) - Killed (DM) v1c7oR♕♕♕ * ZOWIE - Killed (DM+knifed) spyleader - Killed (DM)
ProspectsGG JoshRT - Killed (DM)
ProspectsGG nahtE - Killed (DM)
Rouge vice - Killed (dm)
RONIN cheK♗- Killed (DM)
Selfless Mainline - Killed (DM)
Selfless Relyks - Killed (DM)
Selfless Uber - Killed (DM)
SpaceS XANTARES (DM) - Killed (DM)
SpaceS paz - Killed (DM)
TSM autimatic - Killed (DM)
TSM sEMPHIs - Killed (DM)
VP PashaBiceps - Killed (DM)
VP Taz - Killed (hsmod + DM)
VP byali - Killed (DM)
VP Neo - Killed (DM)
VP Snax - Killed (DM)
WinOut Destiny - Killed (DM)

connect; password s7mt1

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last played on Feb 21
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