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I am usually a singleplayer gamer but i like some multiplayer games too.
Making Youtube videos about Grand Theft Auto Modding. I love making screenshots
and videos with Mods and upload them in the world wide dumbness.
You can add me if you wan't. Mostly interessted about Grand Theft Auto V Modding at the moment.



Favorite games:
-Grand Theft Auto IV
-Grand Theft Auto V
-Call of Duty Modern Warfare
-Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
-Call of Duty Black Ops
-Age of Empires II HD
-Far Cry 3

Vac Bans:
-CoD MW3: Giving myself unlock all
-CoD BO2: Giving myself unlock all
-CoD Ghosts: Guess what

Last ban is almost 5 years ago. Im not using Aimbot, Wallhack, etc.
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Grand Theft Auto V

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