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โ— Please try to have a clear idea of what do you want.
โ— You must have a Character and Steam Background.
โ— I can help you if you are unsure but you must have a basic idea.
โ— Delivery time changes between 2 to 3 days and Delivery time can be postponed if I have other orders to do.
โ— Once i send you the artwork, in case some details aren't as you envisioned, i'll change it up free of charge.
โ— Contact me for commission details.

After I have sent you an artwork, please credit me inโ€ˆthe description of the artwork and leave me some feedback on my profile.
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PolloTroll32321 Oct 13 @ 4:21pm 
Thank you so much for making an awesome piece of art for me, it was really amazing,:PolygonHeart:
Eden Oct 8 @ 5:07am 
oh man just check my profile bro,the artwork speak for itself +rep
Erren Oct 6 @ 11:08am 
+rep This guy is incredible his prices are fair and competitive, the artwork is beyond amazing and he is incredibly communicative and respectful, check out my profile for some of his best work! <3
โœชSuhn Sep 10 @ 6:26pm 
+rep octavio finished my artwork really fast and delivered with a high quality finish. well worth the price and was very polite. check out my profile for the amazing result :) :steamthumbsup::8bitheart:
Ackket Sep 10 @ 4:29pm 
+rep Very good quality and reasonable pricing, perfectly willing to help you learn how to upload it to your artwork showcase and will even give a link to the background to go with it. 11/10 Very happy with it :steamthumbsup:
โ™ฅ Arli. โ™ฅ Sep 10 @ 11:01am 
+rep he created a wonderful artwork for me, fast and beautiful, i recommend :smile: :heartp:
Thanks :smile: :heartp: